The Sixth Sense is for me is absolute masterpiece. The film narrates the story of a little kid Cole played by (Haley Joel Osment), a boy who has secret ability to communicate and sense the dead that led him to social alienation and depression, and the psychiatrist, Dr. Malcolm Crowe played by (Bruce Willis) who helps him deal with his unique gift. As the kid Cole starts realizing that he can actually help the deads he was being afraid of, Dr. Malcolm also starts realizing that maybe he isn't there to help Cole after all — in fact, maybe it's the other way around. There's a twist :

Malcolm had no idea about the truth but maybe we should have guessed from the beginning as the clues were there in the movie the whole time. Here are the things that should have made us get the real twist about Malcolm's destiny.

Malcolm dies in the very beginning

At the beginning of The Sixth Sense Malcolm is shot by a child in his bedroom who was once his patient and who is mad that Malcolm couldn't help him get cure. After Malcolm is shot, he falls on the bed with blood drenching the sheets and the scene cuts with his helpless wife screaming. We may have thought that Malcolm wasn't really dead but then why his wife suddenly acting different? She's not really expressive of the situation and acts like he doesn't exist anymore. This sudden behavior of his wife really seemed weird at first as we didn't know the truth then.

Malcolm never talks to Cole's mother

In Malcolm's first therapy session with Cole, when he's in Cole's place, we are shown that Malcolm is there with Cole's mother in the living room where the mother is waiting for to come home. And here we actually think that the Dr. and his mother are having a discussion about Cole's therapy session but were waiting for Cole to return from school. We now know Malcolm and Cole's mother played by (Toni Collette) never ever spoken a word in that scene. Furthermore, Malcolm and Cole's mother don't interact ever in the film.

Malcolm's hollow relation with his wife, Anna

As Malcolm shows us, his wife Anna's main irritation with her husband was him being a workaholic, which, didn't seem much of a problem at the starting of the film. She seemed to be really supportive of his work so her sudden change of behavior due to him being with his patient doesn't quite makes sense.

Malcolm's anniversary scene

While Malcolm's was to have an "anniversary night" with his wife. He goes to the restaurant, quite late and sees Anna sitting alone. When Malcolm wants to take the check, Anna grabs it away from him before he can even touch it. Anna never replied to any of the conversation of Malcolm and he just talks alone. Malcolm thinks she's being angry for him being late for dinner, in reality, Anna went to the restaurant to remember and celebrate their anniversary alone.

Cole's reveal of secret

When Cole was resting in the hospital bed, he finally tells Malcolm the truth and the secret that he can sense and see dead people. And those dead people walk around him like normal people do, and some dead people doesn't even know about their death. That's actually the description of Dr. Malcolm Crowe's situation. He himself doesn't know about his death and many other things in his life can be explained by the fact that he's dead. Malcolm didn't notice those points, in this very scene the camera zooms on Malcolm's face for a brief amount of time, it seems like Malcolm understands the truth Cole said that he could be talking about him, but chooses to be in denial.