The Perfection. Netflix Movie

Nonisha Das
Aug 07, 2019   •  7 views

A Netflix thriller movie 'The Perfection', where confusion rules. As audience, we are constantly amazed by the film’s plot which is complicated and its out of box thriller genre, which revolves around the psychological thriller and about mental health. There is also very much of unpredictability in the film which amazes us as the film grows.

The film is really unpredictable and is really admirable while also can be frustrating. I myself is huge fan of psychological thriller, and I've got the experience of watching so many thrillers that at certain points you can actually guess what is going to happen but here the scenario changes as you try to guess. The basic plot revolves around the lead female character and her being skilled in music. As a child, Charlotte played by (Allison Williams of Girls) was really an amazing cellist but when suddenly her mother fell ill, she was forced to leave her prestigious academy to take care of her mother. Years later, when her mother dies, she gets the chance to return to her previous academy and to the scene, very well aware of the fact that she has no more that special place of her due to her absence. Her well known position has been taken by someone else, who is now the most talked about in the academy, and more widely n the world of music, another star pupil Lizzie played by (Logan Browning of Dear White People) and the two girl meets during a concert in Shanghai, we find both the combination of jealousy and sexual strain between them in the concert.

While going into much more details about what actually happens to the pair, there we will find as the movie progresses it may seem that out of jealousy of her position being snatched away in her absence, the former cellist tries to drug the new comer who took over her fame. And with the consequences of that the young cellist who used to think the former her idol ends up chopping her hands due the overdose of the drug. We may feel she did this due to jealousy but that's not the entire case actually.

The young cellist also tries to take revenge for what she did to her hands with which she can't ever play again as she did. And as a result will definitely lose her place in the academy. But when we think she is going to kill the former cellist, one night she broke into her house while she was in her kitchen and there happens a huge fight between both of them due to previous incidents. But that also proves that she now realised why she drugged her and actually helped her get out of the trap of the academy where in the name of getting fame and becoming a great musician the little girls are getting exploited by the masters of the academy. And thus she realizes she did this Friday her good.

In the ending both the girls planned to take revenge on the master of the academy for their sexual harassment to little children who are entering the academy with the hope of so much more. Both of them really punishes the masters in a way he couldn't even imagine of and gave him the taste of his own medicine to him.

The way the last revenge scene happens is really weirdly satisfying for the viewers too. But it can be very disturbing for some others to watch. So you better watch it at your own risk. I'd say, don't miss out on this amazingly done psychological thriller.

And also due to the film being unconventional in nature, there always remains an intrigue over exactly where it will go next and what will happen as a result, it’s hard to feel bored, and you would really want to keep watching it till the end and that's really the success of any amazing work which will hook you up till the end.