What is friendship?

To define the attributes of friendship it may differ from person to person according to personal preferences for a particular person. Several people may have their own definitions and responsibilities for friendship. A little child may often refer to someone he/she just met as their “best friend” while people who are very shy and suffers from social alienation may claim of having only a few of friends during their whole lives.
Thus, there's no such definite definition of what does or does not create a friendship. But still, some common traits of friendship include,

Various types of commitment to the friendship and for the other person’s wish and happiness.

  1. Wishing to have “regular” meeting or spending some quality time together with each other whenever free.

  2. Having mutual trust in each other and among them, and sense of care and affection for each other.

  3. Common or unique shared interests, opinions, beliefs, or hobbies and choices which they enjoy and share together.

  4. Having much needed feelings of love, care, respect, or appreciation for each other.

Our very own culture strongly suggests and influences the understanding of friendship in people. Friendship is that relationship which binds two person together through their thick and thin. And you feel a strange comfort in the company of your friends. You don't have to wear a mask around them as people generally do around the world to hide their insecurities. But friends always look out for the best of us and will try to keep the relation that way possible no matter what.

Even though there maybe a lot of liabilities and responsibilities alongwith friendships but I believe even if you don't talk or meet with your closest friends regularly they will be your closest still if you share that understandstanding together of keeping that friendship. Being understanding of someone's situation is very important for maintaining any relationship be it friendship or what so ever. Because at the end you know whom you can confide on.

To me, friendship is a beautiful, pure experience of life which teaches you so much and helps you ordeal your life experience much better. Having someone to hang out and share your funny secret stuff is actually cool. If not lot, few of them with whom you can spend some quality time whenever you meet or can talk to is worth being friends with, to overcome the monotony of life.

Friends are the best to run to when you're having a rough day.


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Happy friendship day to you too!