Gorgeous Outfit Ideas For Sangeet Night

Nonisha Das
Jul 14, 2019   •  34 views

Wedding dress is very important and it has to be the perfect one for your special day. The bride must look totally gorgeous on her wedding day and there shouldn't be any exception to that. Wedding Sangeet look has to be outstanding as there would be a huge number of guests and everyone's eyes are on you!

1. Heavily decorated gowns

You might be wearing saree or saree on your wedding day so it would be amazing to choose something different for Sangeet day which will make you look absolutely beautiful. Heavily decorated gowns can definitely be your best option. They will look totally elegant while wearing and gorgeous. The best part is that it's not totally western but also has a traditional touch to it which will be perfect for an Indian wedding.

2. Lehengas with jackets

Another trendy and very unique indo-western outfit can be Lehengas with jackets. It gives both a contemporary and traditional look at the same time. The lehenga can be a bit simple and light whereas the jacket will be heavily embroidered or ornamented. The jackets can either be small or long both will look amazing with lehenga. This look will totally amaze everyone else looking at you. You'll definitely be the center of attraction.

3. Ruffled lehenga saree

If you're going to wear traditional lehenga on your actual wedding day then you can definitely choose this ruffled lehenga saree for your wedding Sangeet day. It's stylish yet bit traditional having the lehenga but it will give a fusion of both lehenga and saree added with beautiful ruffles. This look will definitely be something unique from the usual. Simple yet very beautiful. If you choose a deep vibrant color, the contrast will look gorgeous.

4. Sangeet sarees

Sangeet sarees are also an amazing option to choose for your wedding Sangeet. If you are wearing a heavy saree or lehenga for the wedding day then simple Sangeet night saree will also look very elegant. It can be of any color not necessarily red because you would already wear red on the actual wedding day. Silver ornamented sarees can also be an amazing option.

5. Dhoti style saree

If you want to add a bit more of style and trend in your outfit, you can choose Dhoti styled Saree. They're again a traditional fusion of dhoti and saree but very unique and stylish. Contrasting colors with the upper and lower portion will totally make the look way more amazing. Completing the look with simple jewelry will be enough to make you look the best among all.



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