What is life ?

Life is a vague topic to debate on.

Life is whatever you study in philosophy, it's love, it's, health, it's a biological phenomenon, it's a belief, it's emotion, it's a taste, it's a nature, it's a process, moreover it's acceptance to those who accepts it, and bitter medicine to cure your existence.

It's physical, it's psychological, it's mathematical, and sometimes geographical, it's universal and whatever an individual think it is.

But it not the question I want to put in front of you people. The question is that, when I said the word "life" what strikedin your mind?

It could be anything, and you believe it is true, and definitely it will be for sure. Because everyone in this whole wide world have their own beliefs and perception about the word "life".

But have you ever thought about the thoughts about the word "life", that looking at it not like a word but an emotion. That it had something in it.

You live every second, you breath every second with an air blown into your lungs to releasing it. It's a sutle process which has a surprising result and we call it a breath, that breath significes "life" and thus thislifehas a tremendous world, our own world. It provides us with feelings of love, hatred, lies, truths.

Each of us had made our own world, but this world has also made us something,gave us something. And we shall respect it.

So do I have to accept any shit that life gives me?

Not exactly, because life gave you all rajy you need, be it a piece of shit or the flower which makes your life beautiful. It all depends upon you, that how do you take it. It's all in your mind.

It's a game of your mind. Let's not go into the spiritual or scientific aspect, but the emotional aspect of it, which most of us don't know. You can face up to a particularly difficult time and recognize it for all that it is – a chapter in your life that will come to an end, and a chapter may begin. You shall welcome all the difficulties as well as the pleasures life gives you.

Understand yourself!

Anything you want to achieve in your life requires an inner sight of your own self. You have thag intended idea of yourself. That what are your emotional needs and goals, how your life is going, how it is challenging you etc. These are some of the things you should know aboutz before setting any gowl or even expecting anything from your life

Knowing that things will one day get better is, by itself, a powerful shift in your mindset, and one that can help you to cope to the best of your abilities. As difficult as the present might be, you can be 100% positive that the future holds something altogether better for you.



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Nirmit Shah   •  4y  •  Reply
Loved your perception over life as non-perspective one! Understanding the flow of life leads to better aspect because magic happens. once you realise you are the life.
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