8 Easy Ways To Live A Blanced And Productive Life

Niyati Jaiswal
Jul 29, 2019   •  7 views

Everyone considers themselves too busy to look around thy lives and what's happening in it other than the work they have to complete within the given deadlind. We all have lots of stuff that we need to get done, for work, for our art, for our families. But even balancing our minds to be productive is our own task.

It's really ver important to make every hardworking you do, worth and for that you must have a balanced and line ant mind to overcome all the over thinkinf you do for your work.

So here are some of the easy ways to get a balanced life.

1. Beware of both work addiction

They are two sides of the same coin. Ask yourself: Why am I doing this? Am I avoiding anything in my life? Am I adrenalizing? Is this really that important?

2. A small to-do list of 5-10 items

Preparing a to-do list makes your work even more easier, just list out the things you have to do through the day. I know it's difficult to follow the time table but following a to-do list is much easier than that. And makes your time managed.

3. Avoid over dramatic or negative people

people who send too many emails, people who stir up drama, people who can’t be counted on, people who waste your time with projects that don’t go anywhere. It’s not fair to you, it’s not fair to your clients/employer, it’s not fair to your family.

4. Exercise for your brain not for body

Do creative things consistently, It will clear your mind, process any negative energy, and give you a win every day.

5. Don’t play cell phone games

They are designed to be addicting. Besides, you’re an adult. Read an article or pick up a book.

6. Put an inspirational quote above your desk

I truly believe that inspirational people, sayings, quotes really have a positive influence in our mind, just same as the nebu

It is really important to be critical and state forward, it decreases your stress that often leads to over thinking. Remember! You are not born to entertain everyone's desires or wants, so learn to say "No".

8. Why and what are you doing

You should know why and what you do the reason and the consequences, do not compte your work with others.



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