5 Most Overrated Singers In Bollywood

Niyati Jaiswal
Aug 07, 2019   •  3531 views

Like the other fields of media, singing is also dominated by the overrated singers.

Filmmakers have their favorite singers and musicians. They are according to the popularity of the singer in the market.

And the biggest example of such case is the king of melodious voice Arijit Singh.

Every filmmaker wants atleast a single song sung by him in his movie. Any song, any mood, any theme, or any situation, his voice is suitable for any of them. But is it so that none of the other singer in bollywood is capable of getting these opportunities or even a single chance? What do we call it? Monopoly or discrimination?

Here is a list of some of the overrated singers in bollywood.

1. Arijit Singh

Without any doubt Arijit singh is the most melodious young voice of bollywood so far, and the most loved person. Inspite of having a heart touching voice, he also pocess an attractive personality because of his simplicity like no other singer.

But, I remember I heard one of his interview in which he admitted that definitely he is the most wanted singer of bollywood now a days, but hd believes in the fact that no artist can survive in this industry for more that a decade or half. He will no longer be singing or be famous, in upcoming years of bollywood industry.

2. Atif Aslam

Though he is not a part of bollywood industry anymore, but we cannot forget his massive contribution and stardom in bollywood industry as a singer, composer and actor.

I remember the time when girls used to binge watch his videos of 'jal band' and his interviews. He gothype in 2007 - 15

Every second song is got sung by him.

And he gradually became the romantic symbol of bollywood.

3. Palak Muchhal

Palak started her singing carrier when she was around 10-12 years. I still remember when me and my family went to one of her concert when she came to my city indore. It's been 12- 13 years, But surprisingly I don't find any difference in her voice from that day till today. She has a tender child like voice, but that's what any filmmaker wants in his heroin's voice.

4. Neha kakkar

Neha is known for her bold voice and also the auto-tune queen. But despite of all the hatred she got from a big amount of audience, she us still running great with her flow, with hut songs.

5. Baadshah

Though baadshah is a rapper and not a singer but bollywood has become used to of the garbage rapper are putting as a content and call it lyrics.