4 Types Of Personalities Exist In Human Behaviour

Niyati Jaiswal
Jul 19, 2019   •  10 views

It is a tricky task to be with others, talk to them and react the way, you are actually feeling from within.

It's a task of acceptance vs. expectations.

We expect from people to behave nad react according to our moods, we want them to get upset when we feel upset,

Do things in the same manner and understand and agree with our logics.

We start expecting too much that we start getting frustrated when people don't react according to what we have expected. That is the factor on which our sadness or happiness rely.

But it is queit impossible to rule anyone's behaviour as every individual has their own thoughts and behaviour. There are various factors of personalities in every human being.

people are born with certain personality types that make us act and react to things differently. Some personality types work well with each other, while some should not be in the same room.

Broadly there are four types of personalities in human behaviour.

The characteristics of these personalities are,first is Analytical, second is Amiable, third is driver and the fourth one is Expressive.

Let's discuss these factors in a bit detail.

1. Analytical

These people are more broad minded, understanding, withdrawn, Indecisive, reserved polite, diligent, practical, these people are serious and mild.

They don't speak unnecessarily. They only speak when they feel that they are right according to the ongoing situation. They always think before they speak.

2. Amiable

Amiable people are shy, they do not like to get in the way of others. They appeared to be more patient, quiet, loyal, supportive and devoted. They do not share their ideas much. They do not speak up.

3. Drivers

Drivers are more responsible. They take charge. They are independent, dominant , risk takers, determined and persuasive. They are usually focused as they want to do things their way, rather than being social. They are usually decisive and organized.

4. Expressive

Expressive people rely heavily on their emotions to make decisions. They usually do not think before they speak and are more focused on building relationships rather than the task. Expressive people are usually enthusiastic, outgoing, unorganized, impatient, fun-loving, imaginative, unrealistic, and undisciplined.

Here are the most and least compatible personality matches out of these four.Amiable people will get along with most anybody because of their compliant, shy nature. Analytical people will usually get along with drivers, because they are both motivated to complete a task. Usually expressive people only get along with each other because they do not like quietness or practicality. Drivers and people who are expressive will not get along easily because a driver is focused, where as an expressive person only wants to talk.



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