Most Unique Restaurants Around The World (Part 1)

Nitika Yadav
Jun 29, 2019   •  37 views

We only get one stab at life, so it's important to make the most of every minute of every day; or at least have your favourite food. There's food which is all time favourite and then there's that special mood elevator food, food which fills our tummy and then the midnight cravings. So, if you are a big time foodie, make sure to hit these unique restaurants with peculiar build up and lip smacking food.

The Labassin waterfall restaurant

Yes, you read it right, this restaurant at Phillips provides you with a matchless opportunity to dine in the middle of the waterfall. Situated amidst the Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort, this restaurant is matchless as it serves sumptuous seafood. The food is served on bamboo tables and best enjoyed while following the 'no shoes' policy. Let the breeze embrace you, cuddle you and you witness the beauty of the forest around it. The waterfall is not natural but built due to the corresponding dam which runs on hydroelectricity. The restaurant for sure promises you delicious seafood with a rejuvenating experience.

Bird's Nest Restaurant, Soneva

This restaurant has become one of the major attractions in Soneva, Thailand. This, one of a kind restaurant, serves you the opportunity to dine in privacy at a height of 16 feet. It helps you with a spectacular vistas to admire and is popularly famed as 'tree pod dining'. The structure of each treepod is cute and compact with waiters serving food with the help of zip liners. Situated at the far off island of kood,the structure of tree pod is firm and can accommodate up to four diners at a time. This is indeed a high-class vacation getaway with a breathtaking experience and awe-inspiring view.

Vertigo moon and bar

If you are looking for a classic rooftop restaurant with glittering cityscape look no further as this is the best choice. Under the stars in an open sky with yummy food and watching the skyline lighting up is an absolute bliss. The restaurant is in Bangkok which is all about skybars and sunset.The music here is just apt for the atmosphere with absolutely amazing drinks served from 5pm to 1am. Their signature drink is Vertigo Sunset and you have a variety of options for food.

Grotta Palazzese

This is a magical and enchanted place withmarvellous architecture carved insidea natural cave. The restaurant got its name from theplace that was once also called "Grotta di Palazzo". It is an exclusive and atmospheric place, with perfect kitchen. The place has timeless charm as in the day, the blue of the sky compliments the blue of the sea and at dusk, the scene is one of a kind as the colors of the day make the beauty of the coastal landscape shine. This has been an attraction since 1700 when travelers from Europe used to stop at this awe-inspiring place. As I mentioned above that the kitchen is perfect because the food is highly taken care of in terms of quality and exclusivity. The addition of aromas and spices to the food is what makes it an unmissable destination.

So if you are astonished by the exclusivity of the restaurants, please read the second part of the same topic.