Iconic Catering Ideas For Private Corporate Gathering

Danie Mart
Apr 25, 2020   •  1 view

Are you on a lookout for new ideas and innovative catering suggestions that can set a positive vibe for your upcoming event? Here are a few unique and creative ideas to impress your corporate event attendees:

Arrangement of food mirroring the venue: Research the venue for this one to be a hit, or hire a barbecue delights catering ardent in the craft. Food that compliments the decor or the venue can be a great influencer and attract a lot of attention. Creatively display the event foods with some crisp lines defining the venue and influence the whole setup.

Be TALL: You could add a decorative tree or classy dining lamps, for an attractive and eye-catching setting. You can play with different colors for a vibrant and inviting meal. Add goodies to the piece and make this functional for an even better feel.

Ice Sculptures: Ice sculptures have been much in vogue for quite some time now, but the latest fad is of functional ice which can be used in different ways. The nice-looking sculptures can be used as a tiered display of plates of seafood. You could also use ice shoots. Beverages flowing over ice cliffs and ice bowls can set the mood up, moving away from the mundane. Light reflections can be added for an ultimate look and feel.

Sculptures of Flowers: Simple foods like fruit and cheese can come in and make a great canditate to be served in a floral sculpture. Flower sculptures add texture and you could use deep colors to enhance the beauty. Creating the perfect sculptures involve creativity and imagination, your job could be a lot easier when you hire professional catering company Melbourne.

Glass Floating Display: The display is unique and attractive since in this kind of arrangement your guests won't notice plates or table clothes or the arrangement but only food.  The display brings back delightful interest in the food as everything else fades away in the background.

Mini Buckets of Food: A delightful idea to display the food and serve bite-size servings of food in very cute and little pails. Use lights to bring in more drama, and extra attention to the servings. Leave some messages behind the pails so once they are consumed the place is not left blank but has beautiful lines written. Food in mini buckets would certainly attract attention and would be a treat to the eyes.

Lunch in Bento Box:  Bento boxes are organized, and hence make a great choice for a corporate event. The boxes work well when you would require the corporate attendees to move around while having lunch. Boxes are portion-controlled and easy to manage.

Walking Salad: Salads are tasty and refreshing, hence a nice addition for a meal. Salad meals also make a great choice for the health-conscious. While you could get creative with salads, managing them in a box can be a task. You could serve salads in a container like a cold drink containers with a spoon so that anyone can have it on the go, without worrying about the mess. Walking salad containers are comfortable to carry and eat while the attendees are busy with important conversations.

Opt for Green:

Sustainable living is a much-discussed topic today and a way for life for many. You could offer an innovative green menu in packaging that is biodegradable and environment-friendly. You could hire a catering company that specializes in using organic products and in-season ingredients sourced locally, cultivated humanely. Vegan is again a preferred choice for many. Understand your corporate events attendees' choices and cater to their tastes. You could hire caterers that offer healthy meals, without compromising on tastes and presentation.