Every year thousands and thousands of people fly to Greece to bath in its glorious sunshine. Greece has innumerable interesting historical sites and magical islands. Visiting Greece is always a treat as the nation has something to offer to everyone. Here is the second part about what all you can explore in this marvellous land.


This Instagram famous place has an abundance of ancient monasteries and churches. The buildings here are whitewashed along with cute, colorful and cozy homes on the spiral lanes. It is one of the top tourist attractions in Greece. Consider your trip incomplete if you return without watching an appealing sunset at Amoudi Bay. Other attractions are Museum of Prehistoric Thera, Lignos Folklore Museum, Perissa Beach, Bella Aurora & Thalassa cruise, Skaros Rock. The iconic song (Tauba Tumhare Ye Ishare) from the Bollywood film, 'Chalte Chalte' was also shot here. The hotels are built on cliffs and you can enjoy the beauty of horizon where the azure of sky blends perfectly with azure of water.


Crete consists of everything a person wants to visit, delightful long coastlines, lush greenery, mountains and terrains. It is one of the best places to visit in Greece with an expansive land of contrasting landscapes. You could witness the peaceful life of village as well as vibrant and electrifying life of metropolitans. Crete is not only one of the best places in Greece but also one of the safest places in Greece. If is the largest island in Greece with historical heritage and incredible monuments. You just cannot afford to miss Elafonissi Beach, marvellous White Mountains, wine tasting tours at Manousakis Winery, azure water at Balos Lagoon, Heraklion Archaeological Museum.


It is located on the coastline of the largest island of Greece; Crete and the jewel of crown is the Old Venetian Harbor. Dripped in Turkish and Venetian architecture, the place is lined up with cafes and twisting narrow streets. The uncommon architecture of the place has proved to be useful from shooting point of view. If cobbled streets is what interests you, it is one of the best places to visit. The place is charming and you could witness the lighthouse proudly overlooking at the panoramic view. You will fall in love with place as soon as you will step into it. You can also just stare at the see and feel blissful. Chania Archaeological Museum, iconic landmark of Chania Venetian Lighthouse, Iguana Beach and old Venetian Harbor are not to be missed.


Nafplio enjoys a rich cultural heritage and you can witness these in the variety of buildings. It ranges from Ottomans building to Venetian architecture to Byzantines church. It is full of historic streets and simillary it may be crowded with tourists. It used to be a capital of modern Greece as well as a playground for the elites of Athens. If history is what excites you, this place is just perfect for you as it will give you an insight into Greece's history in the most exciting way. There are three major fortresses providing you with panormic breathtaking views. Be sure not to miss any of the three!

The Greek gods have designed thisland as magical as they can with the utter perfection. It is just the perfect place for history lovers and foodie souls. Get, set, Greece.