We live in 21st Century and this new era has changed our way to live and to look out for ourselves. More proficient and modern ways to upgrade our standard of living all made by human minds has made this world a better place. All this is viable through education. It makes our mind to operate, ponder and sculpt in such a manner which has the ability to perform marvellous tasks.

Everyone has the right and access to education in some or the other way but nowadays especially in India, Education is emerging as a new institution of earning profit and making money. According to TheCollegeBoard®, theaverage 2014-2015 tuitionincreasewas 3.7 percent at privatecolleges, and 2.9 percent at public universities. India is a middle class country and there's no way a middle class man can bear or meet these expenses without any credit or loan. Also our country still lies within the hands of orthodox mankind.

Two-thirds of the 774 million illiterate people in the world are female. The future can't be Female if these numbers don't change soon. Educated girls and women have greater knowledge of their rights and greater confidence and freedom to make decisions that affect their lives, improve their own and their children’s health and chances of survival, and boost their work prospects.

India has a population of 133 crores and is still rising at alarming rate which increases the competition and vying for occupation and positions in prestigious institutions. Scarcity and short fall of opportunities has made our youth and Hard workers to loose their aspiration.

Education is the only way to change our lives, in recent past years, by the efforts of government or other organizations of India, people have much awareness about importance of education.

According to “Right to education act”, it has been made compulsory for all children of age 6 to 14 years to get basic education from any authorized school.

Education should be the first priority for all, especially young children in manner to prove themselves by achieving something great in life.