Social media has become an important and the most groovy part of our life. The invention of social media itself has made people especially the youngsters, the youth of our country to showcase every part of their lives. Everyone nowadays uses social media It may be rich, moderate or poor and it becomes perverse to take a person seriously who is not on social media. It has become a new criterion to judge others and to know others especially for teens.

There are both negative and positive aspects of being and interacting on social media.

Positive aspects

• Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and snapchat are some most popularsocial media platform where people interact and get to know about the globe.

• It gives everyone equal and fair chance to represent their opinions.

•Young people can share their ideas gain knowledge about enumerate things and evolve according to opportunities that are present in the world.

• Apart from socializing, it has become one of the most prominent and cheap form of advertising goods and services.

• New young entrepreneurs and influencers influence and start their own business.

• Youngsters have started using social to showcase their talents and to earn a living through it. They post several vines and videos, write short quotes, or become a fashion influencer etc. Which gives them an opportunity to make money and do what they love.

Negative aspects

Cyberbulling: A cyber bully is the use of social media to communicate false, embarrassing or hostile information to specific users.Among all cyberbullying has increasingly become deviant today. Youngsters often lead to depression, low self esteem, anxiety, stress, isolation etc.

Sleep deprivation: Increasing rate of insomnia and sleeping disorders are occurring due to social media. Teens are always concerned about what their friends are posting, who is texting them and stay active on social media for a longer duration of time which leads to disruption in their sleeping pattern.

Internet addiction: Since theyare always concerned about whatis being posted and their are different stories that make them scroll more and get sink in new ideas and exploring more. Habit turns into an addiction which can affect their mental state, school performance and personal development.

Lower self-esteem: Mostly teen girls start comparing themselves with celebrities after spending time on social media and want to look slim, pretty, and rich like them. In the teenage, it is normal to copy those persons to whom they admire or consider a role model. This imitation can negatively affect their self-respect and dignity.

The statistics all tell the same story: Social media are gaining numbers every day. The average time spent on social media per day is 1.72 hours . The average number of hours a teenager is online per week is 27 .

Most people especially young teens are concerned about how others think about them and how they make a impression which leads to an uncontrollable obsession. People are obsessed with amount of likes, comments and shares they get and will do anything to get them on a daily basis.

Some of them adopt fake personalities and showcase themselves the way they want others to see them. They do things that they would never dare do in real life just to impress people.

In many cases it is clear that social media has become not only a part of people’s lives but their lives revolve around it. We see people checking smartphones every two minutes, looking for the latest pivture or status update. It’s important yet difficult to retain the attitude that these sites may be useful, but they are tools, not our lifestyles.