Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th August- Written Update.

Nishtha Kapoor
Aug 31, 2019   •  10 views

Naira doesn't dance with Kartik, this upsets Kairav.

The episode start with Kartik feeling worries about Vansh that whether he has had his lunch or not. Just then Naira enters the scene, their eyes meet and they start dreaming about the beautiful time they used to share but then Kairav enters and dream sequence ends. Kartik praises Naira's beauty when Kairav asks him to appreciate his mother, then they both leave.

When Suhasini sees Naira all decked up she asked Swarna about it and then she tells dadi all about Kairav's efforts to persuade her to get ready. Meanwhile, Vedika gets ready and joins the other family members. She wants Kartik's attention but it doesn't happens.

But Vansh and Kairav praise Vedika. Vedika prepares the aarti thaal but to everybody's surprise the thaal lacks a swastika symbol, Kairav tells her that she didn't make swastika and makes it himself. Everybody is impressed. Swarna praises Naira after seeing the values that she inculcated in him about the culture and tells Kairav that his mother is the best in the world to which Kairav agrees and says that he knew it already. Naira gets emotionally hugs her son. Kairav then sings aarti leaving Kartik and everyone amazed.

Then the dance starts. Everyone dances. Kairav asks Naira to join them in dance but she refuses. But then, suddenly Kairav starts feeling uneasy seeing this, Naira gets worried but Kairav refuses to talk to her as she doesn't listen to him. To pacify Kairav, Naira starts dancing but soon Kairav asks Kartik to join her and he does as instructed by his child. While they are dancing Vansh brings in Vedika. Kartik dances with both Naira and Vedika. While they are dancing, Kairav notices that the diya flame flickering. He tries to displace the when Kartik and Naira stop him together.

Kairav then notices that it is 12 am already and says it's time for Krishnaji's birth. Kairav along with Kartik and Naira do the Krishna arti, enjoying that he his doing it with his parents, while Vedika looks sad.