What Interesting You Can Find In Wildlife Safari?

Nirmit Shah
Nov 04, 2019   •  227 views

Wildlife Sanctuary - A place where tourism is set with a lot more space compared to that with a zoo. It’s an exact piece of forest just with the involvement of human beings who are tourists.

Hey there, let me take you to the finest experiences of wildlife sanctuaries that I’ve been through last week.

I’ve gone to Sasan-Gir along with my family and enjoyed a lot there in Safari Trip.

Let’s read more to know about the same.

Wildlife Safari in India

Wildlife Safari (Source : tathasturesorts)

Sasan-Gir, the place where mostly the Asiatic lions exist.

And this is why it is famous around the world.

It was around 9 am and we began our safari trip right by the corner of that gate.

The gate was wonderfully decorated with various animal and birds statue.

Our guide has started explaining stuff related to the wildlife sanctuary, Sasan-Gir, the forest, animals and everything about it.

Before getting into a deep talk, he informed us that we are targeting to view lion first.

That means we were not supposed to miss to watch the lion at any cost.

Like, it was that priority as Sasan Gir is so popular for the Asiatic lions.

While heading towards the dense forest, we have caught our attention to various animals like jackal, fox, deer, birds like the spotted owl, peacocks, and etc.

There was almost a 35 km ride in total.

Where we’ve spotted 3 lions lying under the trees after 20 km.


P.S. - (on left) That blue cap guy is me ;p 

Things Probably Most Of Us Might Miss

As I already stated above that our safari trip was especially aimed to spot lions.

We actually did, but still, I guess mostly we might miss this aspect.

What’s that?

See, this sanctuary has focused only on lions, whereas during an entire safari trip we’ve seen lions for only 5-10 minutes.

And in total, we’ve spent 2 and a half hours in the forest.

Which was actually dense and beautiful.

Most of the people came along with the same ride, were so impatient to see the lion.

That is totally fine, everyone would be excited, well why not?

But, the finest thing I’ve experienced was the atmosphere of the forest.

Like, from the first second to the last of the trip, we were in that atmosphere.

Chill, cool, and totally wonderful.


(Sasan- Gir) Forest View

There was a possibility as well as an opportunity to seek other than lions.

There were different birds, their chirping, different other animal and their species, beautiful as well as the cool environment.

Along with a decent view of clear sky with spotted clouds around, where there were no more buildings around it.

Just trees, trees, and trees. A marvellous dense forest.

In the forest having lions, we target to seek those, but we really miss the atmosphere and other animals-birds around.

In life, it’s almost the same. An Analogy, I suppose.

We surely do believe in goals, but what if in going after that goal, we couldn’t achieve it.

So, having goals, understanding that there would be another possibility during the same journey is the wisest mindset ever.

Because here you’ll win even if you don’t achieve that goal.

Guess what? You’ve explored, you’ve discovered a new aspect in your life.

How boring it’d sound that you’ve achieved what you’ve aimed for?

As we love surprises in our birthday parties in terms of the present, gifts.


In searching for lions, we’ve found a lot more things other than lions.

It’s not about giving up to search lion and just feel what it comes along the way.

But it’s about searching lion so that we got a brief pathway, and this pathway could let you reach a different destination.

So, be ready and stay curious about that beautiful surprise.

Whenever you goal for something, make sure there would be the possibility of failing and at the same time, there would be an opportunity which is an absolute surprise.

Are you ready for that surprise of your life?

Image result for presents

Gift (Source : ProBonoAustralia)

I’m so curious to see the person who’s that fascinating about his/her future along with unknown yet unique qualities.

Thank you for reaching out here, keep spreading wisdom.