It is the time when I had joined a trekking camp to Dalhousie with my school friends group.We were about to reach Pathankot railway station and the place where our group of 48 people had to unite for a further plan as instructed by our NGO instructor.I had just seen other groups of people the same as us at that place who were also in our trekking camp.That same night, we had stayed over the hill inside a tent and rested to the best.

Next day, it was a warm-up trek to a mountain near that place where we all were divided into certain groups.While trekking to that place, I’ve met a stranger.It’s really long story how did we, when and where, but more importantly let me share you my experience through this, that what I had learned from that person in terms of a stranger as well as a human being.

Read on if you are curious about this...

Following are the experiences I’ve felt and learned through conversation and all.

Present Matters

That person literally told me that the best thing in this trek was to meet a stranger.The situation where I don’t know their story (where sad or happy) also they don’t know my story (whether sad or happy), in fact, we both don’t know our past history.

This is the best feeling ever like you are meeting a fresh person because there is actually no past as you act to the people most probably based upon their past knowingly or unknowingly.But to a stranger, it’s never that case.

New experiences

Again, as there is no past to you of a stranger, you’ll gain some experience of that person’s experience of their life simply through conversation.Isn’t it?Maybe that stranger is not from your region; I mean difference may lie in language, lifestyle, mindset, etc.The greatest part of this is that, if you are genuinely talking to them, then you are aware of that moment to the fullest.This implies you are curious about life.

Meeting a stranger means meeting a new life, meeting a new life means exploring life itself, as you are also a life.

Don’t forget to take this benefit?

Whenever you start any conversation, if it enters various dimensions all along with both of your interest and curiosity then it may possible that, that person complements your habit, thoughts, behavior or anything.If it happens then never miss out to ask them how they’ve noted that and why they think like that.

It’s a really important question to ask because it’ll not only show your interest towards them but you also got to know about yourself from an external human being.

Most probably, your inner growth determines when you meet a stranger and ask them about yourself.

Thank You!

Much Love<3


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