Up Over The Terrace, These Poems Regarding Universe To Universe

Nirmit Shah
Sep 01, 2019   •  398 views

I often spend my time at the park walking alone, cycling, roaming or sometimes over the terrace.

I’m presenting you these poems which I’ve written at a terrace about certain things that you’ll relate a lot more than a normal write-up.

1.Phase over terrace

Terrace (Source : matome.naver.jp)

Spending time alone on terrace

All with yourself

Is the greatest act

Among anything in this universe.

It feels no fear

No more good or bad but focused absolutely cleared.

You never know when it excites

You to close your eyes.

Transformation from present stage

To transcendental state.

Your inner soul loves to say

"Oh my decent place, nice phase".

Magical thing happens when

There's an attention, somebody pays.

Opening the eyes

It has totally changed

Every moment is now new and refreshed,

Which is the fact, actually is.

This time you'll deeply realize

There is nothing you need

All you've become newly as kid

With a reset mind and feed.

After all in the sort

No other thing choses

You to get mess

As you are fitted the best

All within yourself.

In the end you'll realise having no regrets. YOU ARE THE GREATEST 💪

2. Watching The Sun, What I've Learned?

Learn From Sun (Source : farmbureauinsurance-mi)

Hey sun, I'm watching

You are going down like dipping.

Losing the focus over bird,

Thinking the overthinking phase of myself.

Hey sun, I'm watching

You are going down like dipping.

Remembering sad unforgiving moments

Teaching myself it happens.

Again sun, I'm watching

You are going down like dipping.

Fighting throughout my soul

Trying to forget everything but that internal hole 😢

Hey sun, I'm watching

You are going down like dipping.

Lost my path with toxicity

Didn't even know I was acting the cowardly.

Hey sun, I'm watching

You are going down like dipping.

Just got guts over myself

Training smart and hard but still there's a void.

Where are you sun?

Oh!You've just set.

Thank you Sun

for the lesson

As my void was lack of patience.

You understand the importance of patience.

How beautiful you are? 😃 You know that you are shining always.✌

3. Moon - A different Dimension And New!

Moon (Source : Medical news today)

The region of facing myself to moon.

Its me talking very soon.

Self-enquiry, talks and everything becomes neutral,

When it's moon

Either it's half or full.

Whichever of fortnight, I always ask

Am I fool?

Is there something must or should?

Then why there is bad and good?

The information that I daily consume

Maybe rarely be used

To fill my pockets as a fuel.

Survival at financial cause is the real 'should'.

The reason why it isn't about to abuse

Just clarifying myself that,

There's most of the life above the money and please understand and don't get confused.

4. Abundance Of Moments Or Number Of years?

Moments (Source : Creative Options Regina)

What's the meaning of doing?

When your purpose is different!

All cleared without any doubts,

Almost that simple.

Feelings are not suppressed

Tends to channelize, to visualize!

Why wasting time showing you've lived 100 years?

Try living 1 year, it's all you need to observe

This life, seeing as it is and crystal clear.

The way you lived your moment

Counts in your actuality.

Only thing to understand

When there's an involvement.There's life, except your deadly alive.

5.Are we starting the end Or Ending the start?

Starting & Ending (Source : impro)

I realized the world is a big place,

Viewing an end from terrace

Though was know that

Reaching an end, there's an another end

That's a new start!

Wow!I wondered myself.Am I at the start? Or an end all apart?

What is the meaning of saying there's an end when there's a start?

What is the meaning of saying there's a start when there's an end?

What is start?

What is an end?