How Introspecting Makes You Stronger And Wiser? Feel And Understand Reading This Amazing Story! (Part 1 Of 2)

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I've created this story with the means of direct understanding using a different character including my life experiences in it as well.

Kindly, read this story and know the actual value of it understanding it upto it's importance only.

Please don't take it personally, it's just an act of thinking.


A girl namely Ecstasy was feeling so numb after her very tired schedule during the whole day. It was 10:30 pm, a full-moon day and she went to her terrace for cool wind, fresh air.

While watching the sky she was introspecting her entire day because that day she had gone through so many crucial challenges.

Firstly she had initiated her thinking from the time she woke up (damn this was the worst start of her life)

Let’s read more for that!


"Whenever there is "Ecstasy Introspecting", it means Ecstasy is thinking about her situation sitting over terrace."

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Chapter 1: Morning Time

An alarm is binging, Ecstasy is waking up and saw the time. It was the last alarm time. Oops! It’s late. Usually, she woke up at 5:00 am as she’s playing table-tennis with her sports club community, but not this time. She was so angry with herself about the same and started rushing her morning activities like diet, packing a bag, arranging bed, etc.

Moreover, doing so she messed up not only her mind but also screwed her entire room by moving here and there. While having cereal, she constantly checking clock time again and again. Then she’s 15-20 minutes late and reached her place according to that.

(Ecstasy Introspecting)

"Though I had tried so hard to reach on time, I got late because I was actually late.

Mistakenly I woke up late, but according to the situation I was not in my control and messed up all of such things."

Yes! Reaching to the desired place before actual time is a really good habit but when you are genuinely not in time, then try controlling yourself understanding that it’ll take more time rushing like Ecstasy and messing around.

Chapter 2: Reaching Sports Club

Ecstasy has parked her vehicle, went through running and took the stairs and got ready for the warm-up and game.

The moment she left her home and reached there, she was knowing that her friends and her community will chat about her timings related stuff to her.

And it had happened the same.

A grandpa in the right corner warming up his legs lunging front and back asked her about her late arrival.

The conversation went through this with various people where Ecstasy was giving excuses and excuses.

(Ecstasy Introspecting)

"I guess it was not right to state “this is why I was late, like that” because in the end, I know what has happened, I was just late!"

Still she was knowing about her timing, she was excusing different objects about the same to her friends during a conversation.

It’s way too painful to accept the actual situation like this, so simply stay silent along with giving genuine reply “I’m late”. At least you are firm at what you are, either good times or bad times.

Chapter 3: Arriving back home

Ecstasy had read in the book “The Secret” about a “hello” concept of connecting people.

It states that make a habit of saying or at least waving your hand to each person whom you meet daily that includes your office peon, security guard, sweeper, etc.

She was not believing this concept just because she had no experience about the same but still she had applied this habit a few weeks back.

While entering her apartment, her security guard smiled, waving a hand.

When she went to take a lift, a sweeper came in front of the lift room and said “Good Morning.”

And, eventually, Ecstasy smiled within and felt some value inside her.

(Ecstasy Introspecting)

The practice of saying hello and connecting people who I know with just this had impacted majorly today!

I didn’t even imagine it’d work out this way.

Because this time, I had not waved and said hello due to my bad mood.

Moreover, a magnificent situation had arrived, that was the people who I was seeing daily had approached me.

Connect each person you see daily at least with little activities such as smiling and waving hands. They’ll help you either way.

Chapter 4: Walking towards bus-stop

She has a routine of heading towards her office via bus around 9:00 am. It was 8:45 am and she was waiting for the bus at the bus-stop. She was sitting calmly, observing the traffic waiting for the bus, of course.

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Suddenly, a beggar came in front of her and asked for some penny. She didn’t respond to that beggar. An old lady beside her gave some money to that beggar and beggar left from there.

Ecstasy loves to observe a lot and this time she catches her center of the target to that beggar where she got her attention to him. He has purchased a cigarette right after having such an amount of money from that old lady.

This has broken Ecstasy’s heart. The bus has arrived, she entered the bus.

(Ecstasy Introspecting)

"I think it’s better not to give direct money to some beggar because there is a greater possibility to use it in the wrong way.

From next time, if I’d have something to give than I’ll offer a food packet as it’ll be helpful for their body as well as there won’t be any wrong actions behind this."

If you are caring a beggar then willingly offer them food, clothes like needy objects instead of direct money.

Chapter 5:At Office

So, she arrived at the office after 30-45 minutes, went to her desk and started working.

There came a new employee to the office as a digital marketer whose desk was just beside her. The boss of that office communicated with the entire staff about him and introduced himself to others. His name was Ryan.

After lunchtime was over, Ryan asked her (calling her name) about some culture how this office works. Further while having snacks, Ryan asked her if she knew the meaning of her own name.

Ecstasy surprisingly denied and searched it on google.

She found the meaning as “The great feeling of happiness.”

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(Ecstasy Introspecting)

“It has felt good and respectful when Ryan was chatting with me adding my name.

Moreover, I got to know the meaning of my name which I’ve never had imagined about the same.”

While having a conversation, include that person’s name, it improvises the communication.

Also do understand the meaning of your name, just for fun, mate!


  1. Ecstasy was late and understood to stay calm in such situations because it'll obviously become late more than you actually were.

  2. Accept your situations, just don't excuse anything.

  3. Connect each person who you meet daily atleast with a hello.

  4. Give needy things to beggar, that's what their actual need.

  5. Use a name of the person who you are talking to, it's an art of communication.

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How Introspecting Makes You Stronger And Wiser? Feel And Understand Reading This Amazing Story! (Part 2 Of 2)

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