From French Fries Junkie To Fitness Freak

Neyhal Menghani
May 15, 2019   •  6 views

Okay, so before I start rambling about healthy food habits, and my transformation from a burger-hogging teenager to a self-aware, trying-to-eat-everything-healthy person, let me tell you something; this is my very first blog!!!(Oh yes) and I am so happy to write about my journey and share it with you all and I am grateful to those who are reading this. This is just a small attempt to make you all aware about healthy eating habits. If you are thinking why you have gained so much weight or feel really lazy all day out or why doesn’t that old pair of jeans fit you?- then you have come to the right place!Read on!

You have taken the first step which is realization! Do you realize that you are eating too much junk?-ordering pizza every other day, gorging on those desserts-“itna sa hi to hai, chalo kha lete hain”(it’s just a small amount, let’s have it),and on the top of it,having those sugary drinks and beverages with meals -NOOO!Stop right there! These small amounts are going to get accumulated and you will have a tough time losing that weight!

I know it’s so easy to give in to that temptation, but once you control it, it’s an unparalleled feeling. And as I said I am not talking about dieting. Just making a few changes is enough.

Starting from the morning, replace that cup of tea or coffee (thank God I am not a tea/coffee person :P) with a glass of warm lemon water or a hot cup of green tea. Trust me this really works! It will kickstart your metabolism like anything! The next step is marking the trouble-creators :- biscuits, cakes, chips, coke, pizza, burger, ice-cream. There’s a saying- desserts don’t go to your stomach, they go to your heart-well that’s literally true. Those who know me know my love for desserts :D. But there's a little secret I am letting out-whenever you are craving some unhealthy snack,just ask this-”Do I really need to eat this?” and you will know yourself. Why would you eat something knowing it will do more bad to your body than good. Just stick to your proper desi diet of Roti-Sabzi-Dal-Chawal. Eat fruits, vegetables and nuts! And no, that can of processed juice is not going to work! The fibres are found in the actual fruits. And I cannot even emphasise the importance of drinking water! Start with drinking atleast 2-3 litres water daily. AndNEVER SKIP YOUR BREAKFAST!Just have a bowl of cereals if you are in a hurry.

But there are times when we knowingly/unknowingly gorge on. Afterall we all are humans. Now what??? Burn those calories! Actually it’s not just about diet, it’s more important to burn the unhealthy stuff you consume. Yes, get your lazy ass up and go for that jog in the morning. If you can take out time for that TV series, then why not for your own body? And if you are too enthusiastic then you can join the gym! Or play a sport of your choice just as I do( thanks Badminton ;) )

And after all this hardwork- you do deserve a treat. There can be a cheat meal but be careful not to turn it into a cheat week :p. Also, these tips are not just for weight loss but anyone trying to switch to healthy eating habits.

Just as every good work requires patience, this is no different. Persevere and you will notice the results soon. Start right now! Not the coming Monday, not the coming week, month or year. Don’t make it your new year resolution. If it’s not going to happen now, then it’s never going to happen!

I hope these recommendations were of some help, and yes, you can thank me later ;)