What do the children need? Do they need varieties of schools or the right quality of education? The estimated child population of Junagadh in 2019 would be around 3 lakhs (estimated). And the schools in Junagadh would be 25 to 30. Every school is busy is earning money through these school fees. Hardly there might be 1 or 2 school that might be worried about the education.

I mean it is so oblivious that all the schools are engaged in marketing by showing the number of rankers they produce. Every year every school is producing rankers isn't that astonishing? How can all the schools produce rankers in the same year? Schools are simply using this rank business to increase their profits. They have created a situation that falls into their pockets and all the parents and students are being misguided by them.

We including all the parents have become so influenced by the crowd. We all have forgotten that the main purpose of schools is to provide knowledge, values and manners. Schools are not a playground where the students will participate and run to be the first. The students get so involved in getting the first rank that they start hook and crook method. They start mugging up. Ask anyone how many students are such who actually chase for the logic or the answers to their curiosity, hardly a few whom teachers call nasty. Why? because they ask too many questions. As a result, the students do score good and get good ranks but they still remain under confident and illogical. Today's schools are not producing smart kids, they are simply producing competitors.

If this business won’t stop, soon there will be ample number of vacancies in the market but lack of talent to fill those positions.

It’s a serious appeal to all the parents as well as the students, please stop taking admissions in a school/institute that produces rankers and get admitted to a school that believes in giving the right quality of education.

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