It's All Related To Periods.

Jul 12, 2019   •  177 views

Nowadays, we see women openly talking about gender equality and they try to create awareness about the same. But still there are many women who also need some education towards their health. Hence, the topic of the day is Periods.Yes, the word jiske baare me everyone says not to speak loudly or not to speak about when men are around.

It’s a natural process right? Every lady in her life goes through it. Everyone even knows of it but still we are always taught to keep mum about it, why? Why is it so embarrassing to talk about it?

Are you feeling uncomfortable even while reading about this? Okay. Let’s leave. Let’s talk about something else, let’s talk about God. Recently, I saw something really unusual, something that I could have never thought of. I was searching for some temples and the stories behind them. Where I discovered Kamakhaya Temple. It is situated on a hill called Nilachal, near Guwahati, Assam. But what really amazed me was this is also considered as one of the most important Shakti peethas. Now why that was amazing let's read that.

It is said that Kamakhya Devi is also known as the "bleeding lady", the mother of 'desire' and 'fertility'. It is believed that when the body of Sati got divided into 51 parts, this was the region where her womb had fallen. That is the reason why the garbhagruha of this temple has no idol. Instead it has the structure made like the womb and the vagina of goddess Shakti. Not only this, during the month of June, every year, a part of the Brahmaputra river near this temple turns red. It is believed that it is because of the menstruation period of the Goddess Kamakhya. And after the completion of these 3 days, a huge fair known as The Ambubachi Mela is organised to celebrate the menstruation aka the period of goddess and the water of this river is circulated as the prasad of Goddess.

One side we really don't talk about periods openly and on the other side there is a whole celebration for the same, prayers are offered for the same, now isn't that really surprising. Not only this, I know many houses where women are asked to remain aloof from everything for those 3 days, they are made a menstrual taboo. I mean I find it weird, we are told not to talk about it but don't you think everyone obviously will come to know when you are made to sit in one corner of the house, with all the shitty pain of the cramps.

I think it's time we stop making menstruation a taboo and we start creating more and more awareness so that we can help the women who suffer more during her periods.


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