Things You Can't Change In Your Partner:

Neha Garg
Aug 29, 2019   •  58 views

Every relationships are not perfect. Every relation have some loop holes. And these loop holes can affect the relationship and can affect their happy and married life. Every person can't be perfect there must be some loop holes in every person and that problems can't be solve. The some of the things which you can't chang

e in your partner are as follows:

  1. In law's acceptance: This fact can't be denied that a partner can't consider their in-laws as their own family. If we talk about the woman, woman always consider her husband's mother as her mother in law. If we talk about the man, he will never consider his inlwas as their own family. This is the main things which another partner can't change in his/her partner.

2 Jealousy:

If one partner is growing than it is an human pyschology which will directly impact his/ her Brain and he start jealousing. You can't change this human psychology, he/she will never accept that fact that his/ her partner is growing more rapidly than him/ her.

3. Introduce you in front of his/her friends:

There is one more thing that you can't change in your partner that he/she will never introduce you very proudly in the front of his friends. He/ she will never come you in contact with their friends. They might feel insecure that you may be betray him/ her. This is the thing which you can't change in your partner.


You can't remove the" worm of doubt " From the persons mind. This worm can create the differences between the partners. For example: if you had went somewhere and your partner is trying to contact you and you are not picking his/her call. At that point of time you partner would think that you must be cheated him/her.

5. Flirting:

This is the human nature to do. Every human want some excitement in their life and these excitement can't be control. In today's era new youth find happiness in flirting with the opposite sex in the front of their partner. You can't control or change this thing.

6. Try to control:

Every partner want to control each other and in somehow we are controlling each other. These controlling nature arise from the birth. It can't be control or changed. Every person think that if we keep control on our partner then he/ she will never cheat on him. So this nature can't be control.

7. Talk behind your back:

It is so much fun to gossip about someone in the back of your partner. This is the behaviour arise like two friends are sitting together after a very long time and they start talking about theirs personal life and start talking about their partners. This back bitching can't be control.

8. Believe in humour:

Humour is the thing in which the fake news about the person is spreading among the every people. It is very easy to believe in humour. If one person came near to us and start telling me about the second person then I'll listen and believe on his words because it is very easy to believe in humour.

9. Help in household work:

It is the thinking of the male that all the household works are made for the women if we will help them in those activities then it will hurt their ego. Male will never help women in the household activities. It is expected from the women to work all day long, first household activities and second their job.

10. Spending too much money:

It is the rituals of today's era that if a person is earning little excess money than he always want to spend that money on the luxury items. Among partners,if one partner is mature and know the value and want to agreed him to save the money then he will never pay attention on it. This is also the habit which can't be control.

These are all the things which one partner can't change in another partner. Every partner should overcome these things, if every partners heed some attention on these issue then marriage or relationship would be the wonderful phase of the life.