To All The Boys I Have Ever Loved...

Mar 13, 2019   •  54 views

To the man who introduced me to this world proudly;who never fails to hold my hand;who will always treat me like a little princess even after I become the queen of another kingdom;who makes sure i get all the things I deserve.

To the boy who is born with me;who is still a boy even after all these years but never fails to protects me like a man;who makes sure that the path I follow is clear;who lifts me up whenever I fall;who taught me how to face this world full of demons.

To the guy who made me laugh when i didn't even want to smile;who also gives his shoulder to cry when am low;who makes sure I reached home safely;who never stops annoying me but never let others to do so.

Break the stereotype.. 'All men are not the same'

I always wanted to say this, I think this is the right time where the whole world is cursing men! Remember these men still exist who loves you no matter what;who always care about you; whose heart will tear apart by seeing a single drop of tears from your eyes.

A BIG THANKS to these people...I don't know what did I do to deserve you people in my life, only because of you we still have a little thread of trust on men❣️