We all have some people in our life whom we never wanna lose.. but do those people feel the same ??
U never know
We always go behind those who don't care about our existence and fail to notice those who are pleading for our time! Yet, we also fail to realize that priority changes like a season. Every new phase of our life new person fill the vaccum left by the old. If at all your vaccum is always filled by the same people in all the phases of life..

Damn your one of those luckiest person in the world 💯.

It's never too late to love yourself

But keeping aside this game of priorities and stop judging who comes first. Lets talk about 'who should be our top priority' ?

He/she must be with you 24/7 always try to lift you from the thin situations. He/she must love you to the core no matter how you look. This one person must know you completely and always feel happy about your success rather than being jealous. The one constant person is no one but you yourself. YES, who knows you better than you? Who takes care of you better than you yourself? Who consoles you when you start hating your life? YOU are the only sliver hope ofline in your dark world.

So, stop mourning for the one who left. Stop being in the constant fear of loosing someone you have. Remember no matter what no matter who stays who leaves, you'll always have a back up that is totally you! Love yourself like how you expect others to do. There is no love better than self-love. Spend time with yourself you'll be glad to discover things about yourself. Be your own priority.

Be your own priority