Whenever anyone talks about Punjab, the first thing that comes into mind is “the Shan of Punjab” GOLDEN TEMPLE. Punjab has been home to this holy gurudwara from a long period of time which adds to its fame at world level. But Punjab is not only famous for its gurudwaras, but it is also famous for its spicy, buttery, mouthwatering, finger licking food like the famous “sarso ka saag”, “butter chicken”, “daal makhni”, “paneer butter masala” and many more. No doubt, these dishes have become part of menus of restaurants in every nook and corner of India but its desi or we can say original flavour can be enjoyed in Punjab only.

I bet tell now you might have started thinking about the food of Punjab but if you are going to visit Punjab soon, you need to know about its Glory.

  1. Golden Temple: This gurudwara belonging to Sikh religion is located in religious City, Amritsar, district of Punjab. This Gurudwara holds a prominent place in history of Sikh religion. This Temple is home to Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 11TH and the last Guru of Sikh community.

  2. Jallianwala Bagh: This place is pioneer of India's freedom struggle against Britishers. In 1919, when the Jallianwala Bagh massacre occurred, this event gave kickstart to India's freedom struggle.

  3. Wagah Border: This is a border frontier between India and Pakistan where every evening Retreat ceremony is done.

  4. Virasat e Khalsa: A Museum dedicated to Sikh history, celebrating 500 years of its Glory and the 300th anniversary of the birth of Khalsa.

  5. Anandpur Sahib: this Gurdwara holds an important place in Sikh history. This is the place where KHalsa was made and decision about making Guru Granth Sahib Ji as last Guru of Sikh religion was taken.

  6. Maha Raja Ranjit Singh Fort: a fort in Patiala, is a Museum dedicated to Maharaja Ranjit Singh's victories in battles and how Sikh community contributed towards freedom struggle of India.

  7. Chhatbir zoo: this zoo is located in Zirakpur on way to Chandigarh. this zoo is home to a large number of birds mammals and reptiles.

  8. Devi Talab Temple: Temple dedicated to Maa Durga is nearly 200 years old and quite popular among Hindu devotees.

  9. Rock Garden: a garden made out of waste by a government official, Nek Chand in 1957 is a main tourist attraction in Chandigarh.

  10. Kali Mata Mandir: famous temple in Patiala ,devoted to Kali Avatar of Goddess Durga is famous for its history and heritage.

  11. Pushpa Gujral Science City: this science museum built by Punjab government covers the history and science behind the origin of earth and extinction of Dinosaurs. This museum has a virtual Space Station.

Along with these places to visit, the desi Dhaba or Haveli of Jalandhar serveing Punjabi desi food with a sweet touch of punjabi culture is worth visiting. Along with these old monuments and places, Punjab being a developing and wellbeing state, has many more malls and modern places to visit.