Another Legend: Jwalamukhi Temple

Jun 11, 2019   •  2 views

An ancient holy place located in Himachal: land of God which is famous of the temples and the holy ancient places. This unique Temple enjoys a very important place among Hindu followers because of its history as well as its auspiciousness. This temple is one of the 52 temples of goddess Sati wife of Lord Shiva who was born to ashes because of some reasons. This holy temple lies in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh on a small hill slim file appears magically. This is the reason this temple is called Jwalamukhi Temple because as in the form of volcano the flames can say the holy flames appear magic leave from within the rocks without fuel or sign of origin.

Moreover, this Temple has relations with Mughal Emperor Akbar who tried to challenge the power of gods. This event dates back time of Akbar she was so proud of his wealth wanted to test the power of God so he offered a parasol made of gold to boast about his wealth but goddess Sati has different plants for him the day gifted this gold piece to the temple the next evening that parasol turned into unknown metal about which nobody knows. It is believed that many scientists tried test that metal but due to unknown composition of that metal they couldn't find anything about that metal. There is another incident related to this Temple. When Emperor Akbar got to know about this temple he tried to test the power of God so asked his people make a stream of water that passes through the flames. He thought the flames will weather away water but flames as these flames veer magic so nothing happened. These things show the auspiciousness of temple.

Apart from its history , this place is also known for its Mava Peda. These pedhas are offered to the goddess which are made up of jaggery and condensed milk. Other than pedhas, normal food is also available here.

Although this place lies in mountains and hilly areas, still this place can be quite hot in summer temperature ranging between 30 to 35 degree Celsius and during Navratri season, one has to wait in queues for hours to reach the main temple. This place serves as a good location for religious cum vacation purposes.