What is difficult to get in spite of having it 97%?

Yes, it is pure water.

With Chennai facing a major water crisis I thought of writing on water. The human body contains a major part of water. Earth is 97% water and 3% land but we have failed to utilize this water and convert it to consumable water for daily use.

As an old adage goes it rains where there are good people.

Does this mean we are all evil and don't deserve rain?

Maybe it is correct. It is us who depleted the groundwater, cut down the trees mercilessly and increased pollution. We are to be blamed for all this. Only we can solve this.

Here is a story about a little boy. Once in a village, people were out of water and rain did not visit them that year. They decided to pray together. Everyone in the village gathered to pray. There was a little boy who brought with him an umbrella while other people didn't. When the boy was asked why did you bring the umbrella he answered that after we pray it will rain so not to get wet in the rain he brought an umbrella. This shows how faithful the boy was that it will rain.

Rain brings with it life.

After a rainfall from tiny creatures in the soil to huge animals, all are happy because rain helps to beat the heat and gives energy.

To get drenched in the rain is an awesome feeling. We might have seen in cinemas dancing in the rain and having ice cream all wet. But have we tried it? You should try. It is a joyous experience.

Waterfall bath is another splendid one. Water falling on with a gushing speed is said to heal body pain.

There are numerous rides available to enjoy in the water like banana ride, boat ride, water surfing etc., you need an interest in such thrilling activities and the right guidance to do it.

Value mother nature. As her children we ought to save her for the future generations.

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Harvest, harvest now and then water is for all to drink.

Give what you get from earth and the generations to come will reap the benefit of it.

Few things to keep in mind though it is reminded often: close the taps properly after use. Never let a dripping tap unrepaired. Learn to save water and not to waste water. Plant more trees.

Fresh Water is our basic need and right.


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beautifully expressed and true to the point! please do have a look at my wrytups too!
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Thank you