Today I tell you people a story about a hero and his powerful land!

**Note for haters- I have already said 101 times that I'm a storyteller, don't ask me "why do you always say a story?"-_-

Okay, let us come back to the Story!

"The Kingdom of Dark Dynasty"

In 1845 seven islands joined & they named "The Kingdom of Dark". In 1899, The Dark Dynasty took over to rule The Kingdom of Dark.

The Dark Dynasty not only ruled the Kingdom of Dark but also the whole Country Of Stars.

The Country Of Star consists of Five kingdoms first was The Kingdom of Dark(most powerful kingdom), The Land of Torondo(second powerful kingdom), The Land of Sea, TheLand of All Heart and The Land of GOD.

The Dark Dynasty consists of powerful Rulers somewhere "Born to Rule" some "Fought to Rule"!
But the specialty of the Dark Dynasty was that the new ruler will be chosen among common soldiers if he fights and wins the battle of survival then that soldier would be selected as a king and now he joins the Dark Dynasty becomes powerful, popular and rules the Kingdom of Dark. But that was not easy because some of the Rulers of the Dark Dynasty, they will continue their rule by transferring power to their children they believed in "King child will be the next King". Some capable soldiers were thrown out of the battlefield before they fight!

In Country of Stars consists of five kingdoms though equally divided powers among them but The kingdom of Dark took its lead because of the Dark Dynasty!

No one dares to fight opposed to the ruler from the Kingdom of Dark in the battlefield. The Land of Torendo and The Land ofSea kept a good link, support with the Kingdom of Dark but The Land of All Heart was special know for Great Rulers who were humble and simple in living. They always left a message to the next generation to save their language and its form and the rulers always took care and protected it. Because of this reason, the people of other Kingdoms(lands) treated The Land of All Heart as low!

Every day will not be a Sunday.

The DAY had come to show the real capabilities and powers.
A soldier from The Land of All Heart stood out to show his Land's power and its history of Victories by the Great Rulers of his Land. Entered to the battlefield. The whole Country of Stars was shocked to know about the battle. Land of All Hearts was proud. Some people laughed at it, some tried to harm him, it was tough but the solider was firm in his decision!

And on the battlefield.....


The Land of All Heart Won!Again!

And Rest was an History!

And yaa I always do this mistake I tend to forget the names:

The soldier from Land of All Heart was K.G.F,
The Land of All Heart is Karnataka,
The Kingdom of Dark is Bombay,
The Dark Dynasty is Bollywood, and the other references try to figure it out yourself!