Storyteller: Neer & His Five Companions.

Srinidhi Ram
May 04, 2019   •  42 views

Neer is a 23-year-old storyteller in the modern world who lives in Mediocrity. He is a silent guy, he doesn't speak much, he never shares his thoughts much. He was only happy when he says stories.(Yes! he is a born storyteller). After the work, Neer goes to the beach some 9-10 children surround him to listen to his stories at dusk. As dusk fell, children leave the beach.

This had been a routine to Neer. But one day Neer after his storytelling when he was moving out of the beach he heard a deep voice calling his name "NEER!"

Neer turned towards the voice and he felt the divine feeling, he felt time around him has paused for a time being. Neer saw a 6 feet tall person, his eyes were so dark and anyone could watch his eyes for years it was magnificent!

Neer: Excuse me?
The tall person introduced himself as "Destiny"
Destiny asked Neer three questions and they were

"Why are you here?"

"What are you born for?"

"What you really want in life?"

Neer had no answers!

Neerwas lost in Destiny's questions!
When Neer came back to senses he couldn't see Destiny but he felt some paper is in his hand when he unfolded it.

It was a map!!

"Map to the City of Success" It had a route to the city while on the journey he had to take five companions on the way. Neer took many days to think the answers for the three questions and the map! One day he decided to set out from his Comfort Home to the City of Success following the directions on the map!

The first companion that Neer had to take into the team was a girl called Dream!
Dream- She was so beautiful and she possessed an aura that could fall in love with her.
When Neer gave an invitation to be part of the team. She(Dream) asked one question to Neer & it was

"When do you feel you are alive?"

Neer hearing to her question closed his eyes he imagined himself in an auditorium where he could hear applause by people out of joy after hearing to his story. Neer smiled, opened his eyes, his eyes were filled with tears he didn't speak anything Dream understood and agreed to join him in his journey!

The next companion was Passion! Neer didn't take time to convince him(Passion) because he was hidden in Neer's heart for years!

When Passion met Dream, Passion said one line to Dream looking into her eyes saying "I love you!" Dream gave a cute smile to him(Passion).

The third companion to meet was Hardwork, he was an honest tough guy. Initially, he turned down Neer's offer but after seeing Neer agreeing to his conditions. Even Hard work also became part of the team.

As Neer bought Hard work to the team. They were already two people had joined the team before Neer's attention. One was sober and said he was "Time" & another was least bothered attitude said "Hey bro! I'm Luck".

Seeing Luck in the team Hard work started a fight and scolded Luck but Luck,(as I said he was least, bothered)

Now Neer has completed halfway to the city of success & it is only another half way to travel with his new Five companions!

To be continued!