Self-awareness was the first lesson that I learned in my skill development class. That’s when I realized that self-awareness is an important form of self-care which is often neglected. Everyone at one point of time is pestered with one question, “who am i?”

We have different attitudes and personalities that we tend to show to people around us. The one that we show to our parents will differ from the one we show to our cousins and from the one we show to our friends. Ever heard of this popular saying, “you see the real you when no one is looking at you”. But what if we pretend to ourselves too, what if we act to ourselves and are not true to ourselves?

What am I?

I am what is the best for me,

I am every failure I undergo,

I am the rock bottom I hit and then the swim to the surface,

I am what I see in the mirror,

I am the scars after the battle,

I am not somebody's, I am somebody,

I am the difficulty I went through to be me,

I am what I accept,

I am what I deny,

I am not what everyone wants me to be,

I am what I control to be,

I am beyond the box of self.

I am me.

-Nandini. Pilli

For me it took a lot to accept myself for who I am. It took me 18 years to win a battle that has me putting myself down for something that I cannot control. I have had my hardest times, but I never shunned away. No matter how hard it was, I always had my family supporting me, no matter what. They learned from me like the way I learned from them. My mom has always been a pillar of support for me and never gave up on me. I was the most confused human being she could ever find. Yes, she did get angry but then she realized that I was angry with myself too. I may change in the future and I will accept it be it for good or bad. What is life without changes? BORING. All the articles that I have written are a pieces of my believes and opinions, be it feminism, Gen-Z, memes, climate change and about Modi’s government.

Everyone is unique, and accepting it and giving it a part in you makes you unstoppable. It’s never too late to find yourself.