What to do during your MBA course?

A really common question in mind of those who are doing MBA. I'm too persuading my MBA and had same question before joining this course. First question is that, whether I should persuade for PGDM or Dual specialization course or Simply one major and one minor MBA? After finding out this question’s answer I puzzled in another question; What to to do during my MBA course? Whether become nerdy or participate in extra curricular activities more, what should I prefer? My qualities or my qualifications or something new?

But at last got a mantra, mantra of what actually to do in MBA. There are many preferences for individuals but what are basic stuffs to do all MBA graduates would be considered best.

Few ways to be considered for do's in this course:-

A MBA candidate must be consistent in whatever he doing. If he have to good in studies he must be consistent with his studies. He has enough practice to be best in his field. Not only in studies he must adopt this behavior with his every work/task which brings him near to his goal.

Consistency increase his chances to achieve his goal in near future. Hardworking person only wins if he is consistent with his work.

For example:- A beginner of English speaking is only learn if he is consistent with his course.

Every student studies to gain good marks and MBA too teach his candidate to score good marks to get good placement in corporate world. Marks/ Grades not only shows students’ ability but also how much bookish knowledge he has.

But some companies not judge candidates on there Marks they may choose them on their confidence level, there ability to impress an interviewer, his manners, his vocabulary, his passion about work, etc.

So it's all depends how you behave on behalf of you in front of interviewer.
For example:- A topper of his batch not get placement for job because he knows only bookish stuff. He isn't aware about current news.

3)Grab relevant skills:-
A MBA candidate must have relevant skills with himself. He must know how to work on Excell sheet and also know how to talk to his senior and his subordinates or juniors.

Having skills doesn't only means technical skills, he must have soft skills too. His language proficiency, his manners, his behavior towards everyone,etc. He must be eligible for the position on the only on behalf of his technical skills but also his soft skills.

Technical and soft both are companion of each other, if a person has both then he must be an eligible for every positions in Company.

For example:- A manager must be good in his managerial skills but also knows how to talk to labourer of his organization.

This shows how efficient is he with his skills.

A MBA holder must have certain experience about corporate world. If not then he must join summer internships or internships provided by college/university during course. An experience of corporate will gonna help him to work smoothly in his starting of his career. An experience person is first preference for the recruiters for their organization because they hold some knowledge and they not need much training for their specific domain.

These are few basic things which must be do in MBA course while persuading. But the candidate must choose right subjects to study and persuade his career in it.