Everyday passes by with one or the other kind of love. Some rejoice it and some regret it. Not everyone is lucky enough to find true love but not everyone falls short of it.

Anyway, Something that stands inseparable from love is Poetry.

People are so consumed with the thoughts of love and the only way to escape from its tightening grip is Poetry.

And I am a victim of love and preacher of poems

My first poem to my love was

"If life is all about dreaming,

You are my favourite nightmare

If life is all about experience,

You are my breathtaking memory

If life is all about mistakes,

You are my worthy fault

If life is all about pain,

You are my pain relieving poetry

If life is all about happiness,

You are my dozy drug

If life is all about wealth,

You are my precious inheritance

If life is all about us,

Will I rest in peace?"

As soon as the love left,

All that came to my mind was,

"How can someone replace a forever in no time?

How did the love die after all I did all I could do?

Why is it so hard to forget?

Was it my mistake? Am I not enough?

Why am I still thinking of his charm and how he caresses me after a hectic day?

Why did I fall so deeply in love with him?"

Love has given me

chills in my spine,

hopes in my heart.

Now I have no chills and no hopes left.

Love is a hide and seek game.

Soon you will grow tired of seeking the love that's so brilliantly hidden."Forever in love" is a too cliched sentence but my love is still a forever thing. Just that I turned out to be the Poet and he turned out to be the Poem. Our love lives in the words forever.