When Music Is Your Life And Lifeline

Mousumi Nandi
Jul 07, 2019   •  5 views

The word itself is enough to play bunches of playlists in my head at once. From old school Hollywood to blues and rock n roll to retro to R&B to Freddie Mercury to Udit Narayan and even at unfortunate instances, Honey Singh as well, I always have music by my side. Music for a good mood, a bad mood, a confused mood, a frustrated mood, an angry furious mood, a melancholic lamenting mood, music is there to give me company for and with anything and everything. A bestie to rattle and shake and dance to on good happy and joyful days, a friend to cry to on bad days.

All through my life, I’ve had music in the back of my mind. Music - the word is enough in itself. First as discs for gramophones, recorders and cassette players for cassette tapes, then in a Walkman so I could walk around with it, and now you got iPods and other such amazing and beautiful contraptions of mankind – the only time these things did not come with a downside to them. And so did earpieces. First the hard-plastic earphones, headphones, later Bluetooth speakers and karaoke, the world doesn’t stop in its efforts to get you as closer to the life and soul of the music as possible.

When the roar of the crowd is too loud and the deafening sound of the outside world is beginning to hurt both your ears as well as your soul, a nice good song is all you need to silence your raging thoughts and a restless heart. Just flow with the words and let them take you where they’re going. You’ll be surprised by the power that lyrics of songs can have if you pay attention to them.

Earphones, in particular, are a legitimate blessing in disguise, particularly for people who hate socializing, or when you want to avoid people and do it particularly without hurting or outright expressing that you heartily wish to avoid any conversation right now. Just plug in your headphones and get lost in the melody of the singer’s voice and let it carry you to Neverland. The world can go crazy as much as it wants to and you need not worry people shouting your name over and over and be offended for not getting any response.

Because believe me or not, songs and instruments know you better than you know yourself. Some songs will crack through the deepest recesses of your heart, leave bare your hidden emotions and after wringing out the pain, put your heart back in and seal the hole shut. And other songs will tell you they are there for you and will sing your unsaid unheard words without you needing to say a single word.