Dreams – Or Just An Extension Of Reality

Mousumi Nandi
Jul 08, 2019   •  7 views

Many scientists, philosophers and other individuals with much more complicated designations would like to debate with you on the various definitions and messages that dreams convey. There have been centuries worth of debate on the subjectivity of these dreams as well as on the fact whether they actually Do have something to interpret or not, or is this subject matter just another past time elders developed because they practically have nothing better to do or think or say.

They seem to have been connecting different aspects of dreams to different possible events and phenomenon that could've taken place in your real life at some point in the present, or even some emotions and feelings that you couldn't express in front of the world to anyone at all, and while sound asleep these emotions express themselves through the dreams which then leave some more blank space in your muddled and muffled mind and soul.

Like if you see rains, that could have different realizations depends on how it is raining. For instance, light drizzles with winds might show that you have some little grievances in your life, possibly because you had a little misunderstanding with your friend, while large, torrential rains that are flooding the place you are at might indicate that maybe your dam just broke and it is finally starting to take its toll on you now might be a good moment to acknowledge your own emotions instead of stuffing them up in that bottle of your brain. Because let's face it, some explosions might just turn out to be a bit unpleasant.

Then again you could see animals or be stuck in a jungle and then you come running out of the jungle to stand atop the Pyramids of Giza. Then you jump off the top and iron man shows up out of thin air to catch you midway and just as you are about to thank him and possibly take an autograph the ground beneath your feet opens up and you are swallowed into the swirling vortex to be expelled into a graveyard. Just as all the flying and swirling seems to finally come to an end and you come to terms with the grotesque beauty of the graveyard and how beautiful death seems to be right now, Mother is shining buckets of sunlight on your face and shouting at you to wake up or you'll miss the bus again.

And that is when you stop thinking anymore about what Just happened because some dreams do not NEED a meaning to be found and they are best left untouched.