Acceptance Needed - Time To Grow Up

Mousumi Nandi
Jul 08, 2019   •  27 views

Mankind, or scientifically called Homo sapiens, are called as social beings for a reason. we have evolved far beyond the limitations of kill or be killed struggle. It is a snuggle for existence. Yes, you read it right – snuggle with an ‘n’. How well we bond with our group and love and be loved determines, in many cases, whether we survive or cease to exist. So it all comes down to the survival of the fittest Family and not just of the fittest individual.

So, you share 50 per cent of your DNA with your siblings. Your nieces and nephews share 25 per cent of your DNA. From evolution’s perspective, you have the same genetic success if you raise one child on your own, or you enable a sibling to raise two children. So from evolution’s perspective, this is all about co-operation and altruism.

Homosexuality is thus genetically-programmed altruism. Gays, and I include both genders and all who come under the flag of homosexuals, are designed by nature to help us to be kind to one another.

So, a society that condemns homosexuality harms itself.

A study showed that boys and girls who scored in the very bright IQ range were twice as likely to be homosexual as adults as those children who scored in the low to average range. Also, gay males tend to score higher in metrics of compassion and cooperation and lower in metrics of hostility. So, with utter regard and respect to whomsoever it may concern, if Michelangelo had been straight, he might have just wallpapered the Sistine Chapel.

Homosexuality is more like a catalyst to help emotionally connect groups of people together. For heterosexuals to disapprove of gays and lesbians and others in the homosexual community like the white flour in bread disapproving of the yeast.

In a study, 37 per cent of homosexuals reported their mothers suffered severe prenatal stress compared to only 3 per cent of heterosexuals’ moms.

Your chances of homosexuality increase with the number of brothers that shared your mother’s uterus, statistically they go up by 33%. After 4 straight heterosexual kids, nature says “Enough already!” and the epigenetic switch gives a homosexual child into the family. Because this one won’t overburden the planet with yet more mouths to feed in the next generation and also won’t kill his brother in a fight over the girl.

In many countries around the world, same-sex physical intimacy has been deemed illegal and a punishable offence. In some, its punishable by death, in others by imprisonment. Thankfully now they know better than to do that, but until recent times, in India, the law stated 14 years of life imprisonment because “Homosexuality is against the law of nature”.

Except that it’s not.

What is against nature is the ongoing persecution of the sexual minority. These are not confused or defective people that need to be cured or punishes or ostracized. They need to be accepted and embraced. They make us better as a species.

What about you? Can you set sex aside? Realize that gay men and gay women are essential to humanity? We’re like the ants. We only find our collective strength in our diversity.