Ego Is Not Good For Mental Health

Monali Pattanaik
Jul 09, 2019   •  2 views

Small things are made big.

Have you ever been a prisoner of your ego? The ego which affects our relationships and within a minute makes our relationship bitter. Even when things get sought later the things said in ego remain somewhere in the heart. It again shows its impact in one way or other, in present or future.

But why do we have an ego?

Ego is nothing but our insecurities and fear that take the shape of verbal words and lead to the spat. Ego is with a person who is too much of himself and his personality. The feeling of own importance more than anything else is ego. It is a self-built identity which is false. An egoistic person takes his belief, opinion and thoughts superior to anyone’s else. The person becomes so full of himself that he becomes blind and just sees the term “I” rather than “we”. It takes a toll on mental health and affects the stability of the mind.

Often we have felt that why the relationship became bitter but when we thoroughly introspect we feel that importance was given to things which didn’t matter than to the relationship. Somewhere when two people fight with each other because the problem that arrived rather than fighting with the problem together. We should understand that the problem is temporary but if given too much undue importance takes a toll on the relationship. Ego can harm any type of relationship ve it of husband-wife, siblings, parents-children, relatives or friends. These types of small issues and fights affect our mind and we become indecisive and our work suffers.

When our superficial image made in our mind takes over the actual self beautiful relations become sour.

It is self-created pain and no matter how worse things become ego wants to stay the same. It does not allow a person to make changes in self to improve and have peace.

Ego destroys the relationship first and slowly the person becomes alone and then it destroys the person itself. Most of the time ego is tug war between mind and heart. In those situations listen to your heart and take help of mind a bit.

Alignment with true self requires courage and braveness. One should daily make introspection on his action and results that occur due to it. Also, gratitude is needed. We should appreciate the things people do for us and learn to thank their actions. With ego, we are not able to see the essence of anything and once we clear the mind from ego we will better value things in life. Sometimes just experience it by being silent in a fight and accept own mistakes. See how the things became easy and get resolved than it taking a big shape.

Ego makes the world delusion for us if we value it too many problems will never get resolved.

Ego is not something which is bad in itself but we should know how much to keep. Too much absence of it leads to feeling being undervalued, it’s because the ego is formed because of some talent, skill or superior position. But humility is the key to balance it. Being humble builds relations and shows that the person really values others.

Just act humble, have humour and not let small things become big because of “EGO”.