The Powerful Ingredient Cinnamon

Monali Pattanaik
Jul 25, 2019   •  4 views

Cinnamon is one of the most powerful ingredients used in our food since longtime. It is native to Carribean islands and southeast Asia. It is such an old spice that even old civilisations of Egypt have mentioned it.

It's a favourite spice for people who do not like black pepper or second favourite of most.

People use this spice for varied use be in food or cosmetics. Cinnamon is good for skin as it antimicrobial and helps in reducing black spots.

It can put in muffins, cakes, smoothies and curries to flavour them. It has a naturally sweet and spicy taste. It can also be made as a tea by adding it in hot water.

Cinnamon has a property to relieve us from cough and cold if consumed mixing it with some honey.

Having cinnamon daily in food in pinch quantity has several health benefits:

  • Helps to control diabetes

  • Helps to reduce bloating

  • Aids in direction

  • Helps in bronchitis

  • Helps to increase appetite

  • Helps in controlling cholesterol

Benefits of using cinnamon for skin application:

  • Treats fungal infections

  • Cinnamon oil application reduces skin acne and spots

  • Mixing it with face pack can help in glowing skin

  • Coarse cinnamon powder can be used as a face scrub

There are mainly two types of cinnamon which are:

  • Ceylon cinnamon(Cinnamomum Verum), often considered being "true cinnamon"

  • Classic cinnamon Chinese cinnamon(or Cinnamomum aromaticum), which originates from southern China.

The first variety is considered superior as antioxidants are in greater amount. It is much more expensive as it's the inner bark. Whereas Chinese cinnamon is tree outer bark which is quite cheaper and widely used in baking.

For medicinal purpose " Ceylon" variety should be used.

People should be aware of both varieties and use them accordingly.

Cinnamon is also found useful in chronic diseases like Alzheimer, HIV, Type-2 diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

But cinnamon is a powerful ingredient and should be consumed in very less quantity, a pinch of it should be fine. Too much consumption of it can damage the liver and stomach.