Sanjeev Nanda A Business Tycoon Invests In Dubai

Sanjeev Nanda
May 04, 2020   •  2 views

Sanjeev Nanda a serial entrepreneur in the hospitality sector with investments in India, the United Kingdom and now the United Arab Emirates. Sanjeev Nanda has set up a billionaire mansion at the Taj Hotel in Dubai.

'Billionaire Mansion' is a stop-destination made by Billionaire Life Group and the first of its kind in Dubai.

Open from sunset until the early hours of the morning, the venue offers a unique cuisine, combining authentic Italian cuisine with a delicious Japanese cuisine contemporary Japanese cuisine from the award-winning restaurant Sumosan.

Billionaire Mansion offers you a complete entertainment and culinary experience through its restaurant, private dining room, lounge bar, "Diamond Kalian" Shisha Terrace, Nightclub and Karaoke Prive.