Education Needs A Change. Indian Perspective

Mohit Gupta
May 02, 2019   •  190 views

Education is the most intrinsic part of a human. Education has been fundamental in developing the great minds. The first thing a parent thinks about his child, is his education. How, where and what to educate? From plays school to kindergarten to primary schooling. To higher secondary and then graduation etc. So, education is core to everyone’s life.

Indian education system is one of the finest learning systems of the world but still lacks its standardisation. Indian system of education is a traditional one. We still haven’t changed according to the changing environment. We still focus on rote learning, marks are given preferences, ranks are considered good. But what is being neglected is the skill, practical and experimental part in the education.

A report, by OECD, noted that India despite having a demographic dividend (meaning majority of our population is still young under 30) will not utilise the benefits of it. This is because we lack skills and demands in the present world, and this lackadaisical is due to our bogus and traditional way of learning. Can we consider this as a brain drain theory? It is actually indian diplomat recently said that, best brains are outside india only because we have no system of R&D. Suppressingly, India’s expense in R&D has never been above 1% of GDP. We are way behind many countries. And this a serious concern.

However, India’s expenditure in education is mere around 3% of GDP. Very low with respect to global average. Countries like Sri Lanka spend about 5%. Our R&D in educational field it also very low.

School infrastructure, student to teacher ratio, college technical teaching standard, college infrastructures, course curriculum etc all are below average and needs urgent revamp.

We can’t hamper our young brains that are the future of India. Vivekanand nicely summed up about education by saying- “Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in Man.” So we really need to brush up and keep up with the perfection.