When the sale moves forward, a basket of fruits can either be considered half empty or half full.
The decision indeed,completely relies on the seller. A similar scenario is witnessed, whenhuman emotions are shared. But forreasons indefinite, the human kind seem to complicate this process.The category of people,who wish to see their emotions being half full, are inclined to expressing a lot, maybe because they are confident that the reciprocation would be similar. When it comes to the squad,who view it to be half empty, it is understood that they are in a puzzled state with regard to the reciprocation aspect. Both the scenario’s can turn out to be the opposite of what is expected,and thus, no matter how hard a person tries,disappointment is always at the end of the tunnel. Have you asked yourself the reason? Have you found it difficult to decode the situation?! Perhaps this is not as complicated as you think it is..

The emotions that you express,are mostly towards a living source. This, automatically makes you expect the same in return, which is natural to occur.

But over a point of time,if you look into your inner personna, you are not giving yourself the satisfaction, that you want others to feel. For instance,if you wish to help a person in need,you cannot expect the same in return, when you require help.That act,completely rests with the said person. Instead,you can feel happy, that you were able to help the individual, when they needed it the most. When this does not happen,the process becomes monotone, and sometimes, the emotions portrayed appear to be superficial. Because you always expect satisfaction from another source, not knowing, that you have all means to inculcate it within you.

“Thus whether your emotions are half full or half empty, it disappoints you, only when it relies on reciprocation, instead of self satisfaction.