Happiness should be the surviving factor, Satisfaction should be the driving factor.

Embracing Insatiability

Quite a lot of people perceive satisfaction as the ultimate goal of life. What they fail to realize is that the lack of satisfaction is what drives them towards progress and development. Satisfaction in simple words is, ultimate but unattainable. No one has ever achieved true satisfaction with the way of his/her life and lifestyle.

The richest desire for more time while the renowned desire for privacy. The point is that something will always be missing from your reality. And that absent fact is what will make you work harder.


It is important to see insatiability as a source of strength rather than a weakness. For example, if an individual is utterly satisfied with their life at a certain point, he/she will only work hard enough to maintain that and not make it better.

This will certainly lead to a lack of progress. But one should also not misunderstand this concept as not being happy with their life. Happiness is what drives you towards attaining satisfaction. See lack of satisfaction as a positive point and work towards it all while being happy with your life.

So, embrace your inner insatiability and try to make that perfect fantasy a reality!




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