You might have encountered a very common platitude that is 'Dream Big'. Have you ever wondered why don't they say 'Desire Big' ? Now you can excuse that they both are same, there is no difference in between them.

Then the answer may be yes, these both are synonyms for amateur like me, yet there is yawning gap between the meaning of two.

And so called aficionados will explain this in the sophisticated phrasing like, If Dream is the aspiration, then Desire is the wish. If Dream is the hope, then Desire is the want. If Dream is the travesty of triviality, then Desire is something exaggerated by covetousness. Dreams will lead you at the crux of Desire while Desire will elicit the audacity in you.

Still dubious about the difference, then it has been enunciated by philanthopists which is better accessible, as Dreams being the series of thoughts and sensations that occur while we are in deep slumber, in contrast Desires are longings to attain the goals that dosen't let you to sleep.

This diparity is still ostensible and some would like to continue their oblivion about it , so would I. Yet I take for desire to continue further.

It is propensity of mankind to Desire, they give the glimpses of the pinnacle succinctly, albeit skipping the strains and sinews im between, which in turn ignites the exhorting endeavour and dogged temptation to achieve it, which are then acclaimed and leading to a vicious circle. Actually desires never culminate with satiety, they are just expanding in a corollary and pervading inexorably.

Many amok piffling desires might have been reason behind the most laudable inventions, discoveries, explorations, adventures and even to set the Guinness World Records since time immemorial. This credulity ascertains us to dream, desire or wish and just wait for the unanticipated sequel. But some time we forget that these Desires are the black swans, they are fulfilled unexpectedly , unknowingly, the fact that is unrevealed behind the tonnes of factors amending it. Behind the mise en scene we cannot deny the hard truth that actually it is not the desires that come true ,in lieu it the deeds motivated by it that do materialize. So desires accompnied with the astute deeds and staunch credence will definitely end in manifest results.

Best explained by the axiom " Shoot for the MOON and you will land in STARS"