I know there are many people who actually love reading. They become mesmerized by the scent of new books. The sight of room full of books bring smile to their faces. They dream for buying their favourite books. They do not need costly mobile, dresses or anything. They save money to buy their dream book. Book wormers doesn't need to be very intelligent students. They just love reading. A cup of coffee, breezy weather is the most beautiful aura for them.

1. Indian Coffee House, College Street

Indian Coffee House (started at 1876) is a famous cafe on College Street. It carries the old world charm of a Calcutta which is fading fast. You will find different kinds of people such as musicians, writers, theater artists, guiterists. The environment is so good that one sitting in one corner with their favourite book and enjoy. Must try items are tea, samosas and kabiraji cutlet.

2. Starmark, South City Mall

Starmark keeps variety of books of almost every genre for different tastes of people. One can spend long hours with cup a tea and a book of their choice.

3. Cafe story by Chai Break, Elgin Road

An ideal place to sit with a good cup of coffee and enjoy reading books. The cafe is surrounded with wonderful bookshelves all around the reading place and it is so beautifuly organized that one should think twice before taking out the book to read. Must try item is dalchini adrak chai.

4. Crossword, City Centre

It is situated in the famous City Centre. Crossword bookstores have come up with Cafes which is really made for the readers to enjoy their book and they can buy as well. Having a cup of tea is the ultimate bliss in this wonderful cafe.

5. Abar Baithak, Jodhpur Park

It’s a lovely place to spend time with friends. The place is Feluda themed which is another beauty to see. They have a smoking place as well which is actually a delight for the smokers and have fun. The Bookshelves are filled with books of different genre and the readers opt their favourite book and spend quality time.

6. Terminal 11, Saltlake

This café is beautifully decorated with books all around. They provide free wifi to the readers. People love spending hours at this café because of the endless number of books and of course and wonderful must try items like cheesy fries and cold coffee.

7. Cha Bar, Park Street

The café established in 2000. There are different kinds of books according to the different tastes of the readers. There is a souvenir shop as well where one can buy things as a memoir of Kolkata. They even sell fountain pens which is very famous there which costs around 10k to 12k. Tea is available in more than 24 kinds which is another wonderful chance to taste so many types of tea.

8. Artsy - Coffee and Culture, Minto Park

This café is beautifully designed and with amazing wall hangings and remarkable artworks on the wall. Bookshelves are all around the reading place beautifully adorned. Coffee is a must try beverage here because they make wonderful coffee which would make you order another cup.