2 Important Questions You Face In An Cabin Crew Interview

Mayurika Tat
Jul 19, 2019   •  22 views

Your qualifications, hobbies are already in the resume. The interviewer can see that. But for the post or position whether the candidate is suitable or not, they actually check it within that interviewing time.

Candidates are often asked this question and if, in this way you respond it creates a positive effect.

Give me an example of a time you did something wrong?

Please don't say that I haven't done any wrong and stop blaming people for that.

You may start like this...

Thank you very much for the question. Everyone makes a mistake. Mistakes are very common in life. This mistake (mention your mistake) I have done. Then say what you have learnt from it and what are the measures you have taken so that you dont make it happen again.

Describe yourself in three words?

You need to know that what are the imporant qualities you need to have for the post.

For example if you are applying for a cabin crew, you need to be broad minded, have good communication skills, assertive, honest, maturity.

Now coming one by one.

If you say you are assertive, then not only by telling, you need to show it up in you. Your assertiveness should be reflected in your personality.

You can say that assertiveness is very important for this job because sometimes people are not ready to fasten their seat belts, don't sit down on time, they don't put their luggage away. Sometimes as a cabin crew, being assertive is very important to keep your point ahead.

If you use the word committed, you have to give an example. If you have previous experience you can say like if I sign a one year contract, I will not leave my job even if I get any other opportunity.


I have never done anything without motivation. You can tell anyone's name like you have seen that person and you have come to know from him/her about it. You need to interact daily with new passengers and many things we get to know.

If you say you are broad minded, you can say that we need to travel a lot. We meet new people. So we need to be very open minded regarded our culture. I don't judge people.

Customer oriented

If you don't have any previous experience please don't say this because how will you prove it being a fresher. If you have any previous experience you can definitely say that yes there was a problem, I thought on behalf of the customer and successfully solved and came out of that situation. Customers only give us business and without them everything is farce.


You can say that you smile as you are a very positive person in life. Tell this with a smile on your face and explain it as my heart says to be happy always and to become a cabin crew wearing a beautiful smile is very important.



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Thank u so much 😊
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Nicely explained....yes being in hr domain we do judge the candidates this way