Much White In Black, And The Darkness!

Mayank Gosai
Feb 04, 2019   •  11 views

To describe'black, the paper is white. The connection between the black and white is seen right from the Kindergarten in Blackboard and Chalk.

All the movies till the 1960s were made in Black and White screen. Though the successful Negative roles containing villains have still maintained the monopoly of Blackness in the movies.

Though Lord Krishna adopted Black and tried making it a Brand, but not after Cleopatra, did we find Black as a Beauty ( though of course the scenario now in the 21st Century has changed ). The god gave Full moon (Purnima) an alternative of Black 'amavasya'.

Black Money and White money has made people look down upon 'Black' even in the Politics.
Black color is considered an Insult, the word black itself is depressing.
Talking about Politics, never has American president Donald Trump ever praised the Black Women,always targeting the silenced and calling them stupid and by being “Rhetoric”. ‘They’ feel that such suppression will go unnoticed.

Why is black so offending and yet oppressive?
Does Black need sympathy or Pity?
Black needs support from the Whites, black is hereby ferocious and it will be difficult to co- exist in an Ecosystem. And is ideally more easy to guess who is more vulnerable.

It is such a shame that ‘Black women’ are considered the most susceptible population in America. The Self- defense groups form and then dissolve. There are no Black men willing to stand in support for them.

So the #EnoughIsEnough is enough to portray the strength and outrageous willpower.
The Black is a boon for the Farmer, who eagerly waits for the 'black clouds'. See how the 'Black Whitens', and hanges in affirmation are seen.

Every white face looks more attractive with Black Goggles or spectacles or with Black beard. Nevertheless can we forget the black moles on cheeks of actors to make them more noticeable.

Must never forget that while Eating the green grass, and giving White Milk, that Buffalo is Black.
The most expensive Petroleum is considered the 'Black Gold' . It is just that the Middle East has all the lavish life.

'Kaaliya' is a famous movie too, and 'tera kya hoga kaaliya' is a future concern too.

So to consider Black as a shadow of negativity is just Not a mistake, but a life time of unacceptable failure inside us.

Even though the Western Countries have W Shakespeare,W Wordsworth, Rudyard Kipling or JK Rowling.... the only famous name in the Indians remain, the 'Kaali-das'.