Part 4: The Ultimate Showdown

I came back out of the game, thankfully. My powers were inside a ball, colored black, red and blue. "Dude, you look totally awesome," said Viktor. "I wouldn't say awesome, more like totally DOPE!! I mean look at those cool scars, and the blazing ball, and the-" said Laura till I said, "Yes I know it is, but I am also hurt a lot."

So they put me to rest, at least, they tried. I was literally on the couch with everything, the chips, the TV remote, EVERYTHING!! I still managed to rest though.

Then, we felt rumbling. Do you know the DC villain, Black Adam? Well, he was actually real and he started to attack the city. We took off and started fighting him. "Hahahahahahahahaa," he started laughing. "You puny kids are going to fight me?" He asked. "Ignore what he's saying, we have prepared for 2 years for this, we can do this," I said.

Laura hit Adam with her love punch, Viktor crushed Adam with his juggernaut slam, and I smashed him with my triple power truffle. I know, 'truffle' sounds like a dessert, but I had to name it some way.

But he wasn't affected. "Shazam!!" he shouted, and thunder came down, hitting all of us. Viktor said in a weak voice, "Only you can do this, we can help in other fights." "I'm afraid there won't be another fight," I said sadly. I went front, activated the ball, and raised my scythe. He was about to say 'Shazam', and I activated my scythe at the same time. All I could remember was that Black Adam vanished into black smoke, and I was lying on a stone, dead. So note that I am writing this from heaven. And I guess they are still fighting out there on Earth against bad guys.

Also hope that they miss me since I left my power ball there.



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Guys, you actually have to read the first three parts in the wrytup Gamer Legend.