Introduction to Korean Drama

K-dramas are television series in Korean language, made in Seoul, South Korea. They are not just popular in the East part of the continent, rather its popularity is spread around globally. They have recently taken the world by storm increasing its numbers in heaps and bounds

Popularity of K-Dramas

There is a surge of k-dramas and Korean culture worldwide. People all over the world are falling in love with the k-dramas. The curiosity of different culture and setting attracts the foreign audience to the industry. The USP of the K-dramas is the cute love story between the lead characters of the story. Apart from this, the industry caters to all kind of genres be it action, fantasy or thrillers. The bright, colourful and opulent setting, the steady pace and the art of compacting the series in a few no. of episodes adds to the popularity of the dramas.

Target Audience and Prominence

The k-dramas and the movies cater to all kinds of audience. It has productions for the pure love story lovers or the action lovers and suspense and horror lovers too. The art of cliff hangers and the happy ending is what keeps the prominence of the dramas alive. The narrative and the appearance of the series too add to the factors.


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Introduction to the drama- ‘Romance is a Bonus Book’


The story starts with a dramatic angle where a wedding is taking place of Kang Dan-Yi. Cha Eun Ho is the senior editor, successful author and a founding member of the successful publishing house “Gyeroo”. Dan-Yi is a housewife and a former successful marketing executive. Everything goes downhill when Dan-Yi’s husband goes bankrupt and give divorce to her. She struggles to earn a living and secretly is a house maid for Eun ho. Dan-Yi and Eun Ho were close friends since childhood. Dan-Yi undergoes major life changing circumstances while re-entering the corporate world. The story of sudden disappearance of an author related to Eun Ho also surrounds the backdrop. Eun Ho and Dan-Yi become more connected during that and the conflict between the professional and personal begins.


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Details, episodes and production

The drama was the much-awaited release for 2019. The genre is Romantic comedy, created by Studio Dragon and written by Jung-Hyun Jung. The drama consists of 16 episodes and had a run from January 26 to March 17, 2019.

Cast and Characters

Lee Jong Suk as Eun Ho

It would be fair to say that Lee Jong-Suk is pretty famous and loved by the audience. He is well casted as the warm hearted, thoughtful and the one who is passionate towards his work. He not only supports Dan-Yi but is always supportive and fiercely loyal towards his friends and colleagues.

Lee Na Young as Dan Yi

Lee Na Young’s portrayal of the character wins the applause of the audience. Dany-Yi as a character is well built and is one of the strongest characters in the drama. Even after facing so many hardships, she does not let her spirits down and fight with all she has got. She is always seen grateful for the opportunities and puts her best in everything she does. The character development of Dan-Yi is immense.

Other Cast

  1. Jung Yoo-jin as Song Hae-rin

  2. Wi Ha-joon as Ji Seo-joon

  3. Kim Tae-woo as CEO Kim Jae-min

  4. Kim Yoo-mi as Go Yoo-sun

  5. Jo Han-chul as Bong Ji-hong

  6. Kim Sun-young as Seo Young-ah

  7. Kang Ki-doong [ko] as Park Hoon

  8. Park Gyu-young as Oh Ji-yoo


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Themes Highlighted

Female friendships

Unlike many other, this drama brings spotlight on the female friendships. Be it that of Hae rin and Dan Yi or Manager Seo and Dan-Yi. Their bond over working on the same project and supporting each other on various occasions are some of the highlights of the drama.


Hae Rin and Dan-Yi working on a project- Source : Google

Women’s struggle

Another Important aspect highlighted in the text is women’s struggle. Dan-Yi fight against all the odds and running to and fro to earn a living. The spirit to never give up and keep fighting is depicted. Manager Seo’s struggle of failed marriage and being a working mother. Then there is Director Ko who never married for being a successful career woman and her struggle of loneliness.

Age does not matter

This is the most Important theme highlighted in the drama. Be it the love story of 37 years old Dan-yi and 32 years old Eun ho or the age to work, the drama constantly denies such stereotypical ideas. The age gap between Dan-yi and Eun Ho and Dan -Yi being older and a divorcee is never perceived as a problem in the drama. Its these aspects that add a unique charm to the story.

Idea of second chances

Second chance at love and at work is depicted. Everybody deserves a second chance at things, to explore and open doors for different opportunities. Be it Dan-Yi’s second chance at love or working, Eun Ho’s second chance at expressing his love for Dan-Yi or Manager Seo’s chance at dating, the idea of second chances is prevalent in the whole drama.

Relationships at Spotlight

Dan Yi and Eun ho

Their relationship is represented as an ideal relationship starting as close friends. Their relationship is mature and not one of those extra cheesy ones. They care and love each other and support at every instant. They believe in expressing love through small gestures rather than those grand cliched ones.

Seo Joon’s connection with Dan Yi

This was a potential love story. Seo Joon felt the connection with Dan-Yi and wanted to date her. At first, Dan-yi was hesitant but accepted only to realise her love for Eun ho.


The Love Triangle – Source : Amino Apps

Other love connections

There were several other potential love connections. At the end of the drama director Ko and CEO Kim come out as a couple. There is love blooming between Park Hoon and Oh Ji Yoon. Also, a mere hint towards the budding friendship between Seo Joon and Hae Rin.

Personal Review and Opinion

I had heard all about the k-dramas from other people and internet. But was never convinced to see for myself until the vacations. I came across these dramas in my vacations when I was idly searching for a new series to watch. I just clicked on the video randomly not expecting anything. And that’s when I fell into this hole of addicting k-dramas and luckily, I came across this mature one rather than the typical ones. I loved the theme and the setting of the story. I loved the chemistry of the lead actors and all the other characters. Each character stood out well and spoke a different tale, all coming together to publish books. The entire background of the Publishing and Books add to the charm of the series.


Romance is a Bonus Book is well received by the audience and critics. It has received a rating of 8.4/10. The drama will leave you all warm hearted and giddy, reflecting upon some important lessons and making you smile like an idiot.

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