Have you studied English Grammar and still you are not fluent in English? Wonder why? If yes, then this article is just written for you!

You are not fluent in English because you have never been taught to be fluent, your traditional syllabus and curriculum conditions you to be accurate by only teaching grammar rules.

Remember all those grammar work books which prescribe rules? These work books are based upon 'Behaviourism Theory'. Actually earlier the purpose of teaching English is just to translate the text, that's why syllabus and materials dwell on accuracy.

But now the World has changed. Now people learn English in order to communicate, but unfortunately the syllabus and methods in most of the primary schools remain unchanged.

However, in this article, I have given few methods by which you can train yourself to be fluent.

1. Watch daily soaps in English Language :
This may sound weird, but it's actually very effective method. You can only speak English, when you have heard it right. For instance, a native speaker is a master of his language, because he heard it right. And watching daily soaps, is like listening a language in various situations, which will automatically train your brain for speech.

2. For correct pronunciation watch classic movies:
The concept of Correct pronunciation actually varies with respect to the place. British pronunciation differs from American, Canadian etc. So, first of all you have to select a dialect by taking account of your preferences. And then watch the classical movies in that dialect.

3. Knowledge of Culture:
Every language exists in a culture, and that culture somehow determines the language. So, in order to learn the language, you also need to understand the culture by reading about traditions, conventions and practices.

4. Read:
Read as much as possible. Reading boosts the creative genius of minds and somehow make learners good speakers.

5. Role Plays :
On the basis of real life situations, select a role play and beg your friend to participate. In case he doesn't agree, then you can also write the conversation. For example: doctor- patient conversations, at grocery store and many more.

6. Be happy and do not consider English above your mother tongue.

In the end, I would like conclude by saying that, all these above suggestions are made after years of reading and experience in the field of ESL and I should warn you that these methods are time taking but very essential for increasing Fluency.