English Language & Reading Comprehension

Naina Sharma
Mar 21, 2020   •  0 views

English language & reading comprehension is an important section from the SSC CGL 2020 point of view. So, it is essential that the aspirants master the basics of grammar and develop a rich vocabulary. In this article, we have discussed an important topic of English grammar (with examples) that is utilized in many questions of the exam.



Prepositions are short words used to link people, places, time and objects in a sentence.

- "In" is used with names of countries and large towns whereas "at" is used when speaking of small towns and villages. "In" and "at" are also used when speaking about things at rest. For example,

I live in India.

I live at Noida in Uttar Pradesh.

He is in class.

He is at the top of the ladder.

-          "To" and "into" are used to speak about things in motion. For example,

He ran to the playground.

He jumped into the river.

- "On" is used to depict things at rest. "Upon" is used for things in motion. For example,

He is sitting on a chair.

The snake sprang upon the egg.

- "Till" is used to depict time and "to" is used to depict a place. For example,

I worked till 2 AM yesterday.

He ran to the end of the street.

-  "With" often denotes the instrument and also means accompanied by. "By" is used to identify the means of conveyance. For example,

I will go with you.

He was saved by the bell.

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"Since" denotes some point of time and is used be