5 Reasons Why Millennial Should Start A Career Working In A Start-Up

Mansi Porwal
Mar 31, 2020   •  9 views

Start-ups, the total go-to career choice every Millennial dream of. I mean sure, a well paid corporate job may attract some but who doesn’t want to be their own boss right? This very reason has spiked up the number of startups in India to 51,300 startups In the year 2019 is the 3rd largest Startup Ecosystem in the World and because it has created a large skilled employment opportunity for the Millennial.

Here are 5 reasons why you should say goodbye to the corporate world and dive into the startup ecosystem instead.

Working directly with the industry experts

You will be surrounded by innovators who are high risk takes which will help you build your self-confidence and push you beyond your limits. Startups have a flat organizational structure which means direct interaction with the founders giving you a great opportunity to learn from the expert and enhance your skills right from the beginning.

More challenges along with more appreciation

When you join a startup at its early stage, the team is smaller and hence more challenging as there is a detailed observation of your work with longer working hours but it comes in a bundle with appreciation and recognition for all your efforts and we as millennial crave for that. I mean who doesn’t like getting the appreciation and credits for all the hard work put in?

Abundance of opportunities 

The sky is the limit. Opportunities knock at your doorstep so often that you can scale up the ladder within no time. It is very easy for you to showcase your talents in the company and grab opportunities to grow in your area of interest with the support of your entire team.

The work environment is undoubtedly the best

The work environment in startups is so lively and friendly where colleagues are more like friends and everyone is helping each other. It sounds like working in a place as they show in the movies right? It is easy to confide in your colleagues and oh, the co-working spaces!!

A great stepping stone to your career

We Millennial are hungry to learn new things every single day. In startups, you face challenges every single day and learn to get over them which do not make your job mundane. There are no strict rules to follow, no dress code to follow. The only rule is to excel at your job (no excuses).

All said and done, it's time for you to conquer the start-up world!!